Be Your Own Valentine
Valentines Day is a holiday that celebrates love. It is not a holiday just for couples as some may think but rather is a day for EVERYONE to celebrate and enjoy. 

But what if you happen to be single? 

My recommendation: 'Be your own Valentine'. Not only 'Be your own Valentine' but be confident enough to spread the love and joy with those closest to you! Make lemonade out of lemons and act as cupid! Consider holding your own Valentines Day party.

Invite other single and FABULOUS friends over for cosmopolitans. For those that don't drink there is always hawaiian punch or other wonderful drinks to have like chocolate martini's or mudslides! Have your guests bring their favorite chocolate desserts and recipes for sharing and enjoying. Allow for romantic movies, or a marathon of episodes of 'Sex in the City', 'Desperate Housewifes', 'Entourage' or 'Mad Men' for the people who attend to be played in the background. Buy a queen of hearts costume to wear for the party. To be cost effective and savvy, it can be a costume that you can utilize for next Halloween! You can put your own spin and finishing touches on the party as hostess!

If you have a house, decorate with red lights outside your house for Christmas and keep them up until Valentines Day!

If you are single and of course sophisticated it is important to make the best out of the situation no matter how miserable you may feel because others may be feeling the exact same way!

In the end, Valentines Day is just yet another day to tell the people or person closest to you that you love them and to celebrate all the love you have in your life!