Golf; A Sport Designed for Sophisticated Women

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Golf stands for Gentleman Only Ladies Forbidden but is that really true?! For single and married women alike and those who live in the suburbs or who work in business or those that live in the suburbs and work in business, Golf is a challenging and VERY enjoyable game to play.

The creation of the links at St. Andrews 'The home of Golf' occurred during the reign of Mary Queen of Scots in 1552. It was her who coined the term 'caddy' by calling her assistants cadets.  Therefore, it was a Queen NOT a King who was the first person to hold a golf club, play the game, and begin shaping the rules and terms that exist today. In 1867 the first woman's golf club was formed in scotland and  in 1895, the first women's amateur golf championship is contested among 13 golfers at the Meadow Brook Club, Hempstead, New York.

Being proud to be a woman also gives me a sense of pride to play the sport. According to history, a woman was able to walk on a golf course  around the same time if not before (and I'm going to say before) she was allowed to walk on a college campus.

Different situations and certain people I met through my life always encouraged me to play Golf. I never attempted or even considered learning to play because it seemed impossible AND expensive. More importantly, it seemed impossible to play and impossible to succeed. It seemed like a sport that you had to be born to play, a sport where no amount of practicing could ever result in your success. 

In short, I believed it was a sport where you were set up to fail. 

Besides, I figured my hand/eye coordination was never a strong point. History proved me correct in my assumption since i was horrible at playing tennis, softball (mainly hitting the ball), and never did crew due to the lack of strength in my arms. So instead I danced ballet, played soccer, ran track, and was fortunate to do well at all three.

Years later, I decided that I would take a chance and go outside my comfort zone and risk the game where I believed I was set up to fail. After a few lessons to help with my swing and a trip to the golf range where I hit the ball several times further than i thought was possible and almost to a hole in one, I fell in love with the game of golf. 

Although it will never equal my love for ballet, the characteristics of golf are similar to what I have enjoyed about ballet. Golf, like ballet, has to do with body movement and the beauty of body movement to achieve an end result. Golf, like ballet, is about focus; the ability to disappear into a world that is reserved for you alone and to feel a personal satisfaction in the continual pursuit of perfection. 

We all know that a few of the characteristics of those people who seem 'Sophisticated' include confidence, confidence and grace exemplified through walking (body movement), the ability to be unafraid to be alone ('flower in the desert'), focusing on the achievement of perfection with the knowledge it can never be achieved, and attention to detail whether it be with your home, raising your children, or in your appearance.

Golf is a game that can be enjoyed both alone or with a group of friends, a game where you are in a competition with yourself and no one else, and finally, the aspect that defines sophistication, it is a game that is open to the realm of possibility and lessons to be discovered and learned.