Single in the Suburbs
Although dating is an important process that EVERYONE must go through in order to find "Mr. Right" or that 'special someone' it can be just as exhilarating as it is painful. Living in the Suburbs and trying to find that 'special someone' or being in that place where "Mr. Right" can find you can be difficult at times. Typically, there are on average LESS diversions and places to go to meet people and to go on dates in the Suburbs. Fortunately, the benefit to dating or going on a date while you live in the Suburbs is that the atmosphere provides an opportunity to really get to know someone. The noise, traffic, and crowds don't exist in the Suburbs. 

In the Suburbs, there are restaurants where you can sit outside overlooking nothing in-particular, you can take a walk or bike ride in the park, or after dinner go walk for ice cream. Either way, the atmosphere in the Suburbs provides the opportunity for conversation and the benefit of being able to carefully observe someone in a natural setting to discover who they really are, how they are with you, and how you both are together.

There are those women who wonder how anyone can meet someone in the Suburbs. What they don't realize is that there are plenty of good looking eligible men everywhere  but you have to keep your eyes and heart open. Those cute, single men are next door, at Barnes &Noble, in class, at Starbucks when you go for a cup of coffee. They are on line behind you at the pharmacy at CVS and right there when you decide to buy that Chicken Cesar Salad to have for dinner at the Salad store. 

Dating is a special time when you not only open your heart to other people but in the process you have the opportunity open up your heart yourself. As you come to realize the good and bad in others you realize all of the good and bad that exists in you. You come to realize that not only that 'special someone' you have been searching for all along is you and that has been the case from the beginning but that another person will not make you complete since you are already are complete. Another person to love and who loves you is simply the icing on the cake. 

Dating is a time when as you discover how great a person you are at the very same time someone else does. 

It doesn't matter whether you live in the City or in the Suburbs, you can find your special someone by looking in the mirror at your own reflection. Your soulmate... well, while as you are enjoying your own life your soulmate can pop up anywhere at anytime to enjoy it alongside of you! ;D!