A Sophisticate and her Pet

We ALL know the best accessory for any one person or any couple to own if you are fashionable, stylish, successful, and have an enormous heart is a pet! 

Of course, with the lack of diversions that the city provides and the trails and parks that living in the suburbs DOES provide, owning a pet has become almost a must! With the required SUV that each fashionable suburbanite travels in the fashionable suburbanite has enough room for both their children and pets. As a side note, an SUV also provides fashionable suburbanites the opportunity of luxury on their weekly sometimes daily drive to the mall and navigate their way through the rest of the suburban jungle. ;D!

For some if not all, the joys of pet ownership can be a mixed blessing at first. You might live alone or live with a spouse and you have the house EXACTLY the way you want it... you are having fun and just don't have time to take care of anything except maybe a plant. Who knows?! Maybe, keeping a plant alive had been a previous disaster, as well.

All of a sudden an animal, a living breathing thing that depends solely on you comes into your life. Maybe, you grew up with a pet or maybe it just sort of came into your life unexpectedly. This living thing whom you've invited or taken will come in mess up your house and destroy your orderly and perfect life. The best part is that although a little mess to your house may occur, with a pet your personal life or time with them never is... in fact no matter what, emotional mess or drama will never happen. Then, quicker than you realize your pet slowly takes a larger and larger piece of your life and heart with it's unconditional love. 

Owning a pet could be the preliminary step before a child and for some, it is the substitute for a child... either way, there is no better step to take!

No matter who you are, where you live either in the suburbs or city, no matter what you drive, how many children you have or don't have, there isn't anything MORE stylish and sophisticated then having a small dose of unconditional love for you and with you in your heart each day!