The Two Most Important Decisions
"It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped" Tony Robbins

In the 21st Century with all of the opportunities presented to a woman, there are a lot of important decisions that are now presented to her on a daily basis. Is every decision important? No.

When I was in college considering my major and consequently my career my Dad told me why they say 'Don't Sweat the Small Stuff'. After looking back on his life my Dad told me that you realize that are were only two decisions that you have to take your time to consider before you act upon them.

They are:
1- Where you work
2- Who you marry 

The other decisions in your life are important but not THE most important. 

Why are they the most important? You spend all of your days at work and all of your evenings with your spouse. Therefore, they are the most important decisions you can make. If one of them is made unwisely you will be miserable for half your life. Make both decisions unwisely and you will be miserable for your entire life.

Part of being Sophisticated in the 21st Century is the knowledge that with all of the opportunities and choices that are presented in life there are only two decisions that are important to your success in life... where you work and who you marry. ;D