A Sophisticate Stays in Shape

Photo: blackberry-wallpapers.com
Being in shape is a must. Every woman has their own specific reasons for working out including living longer and to help reduce stress but unfortunately most women agree that the main reason to work out is to look good. Don't get me wrong, after you work out with all of the endorphins that are released there IS a natural high that you feel. In the end, after the endorphins have ceased to be felt the goal for most of us is to look good and fit into our skinny jeans, hot dress, and/or bikini. 

As any woman will tell you there is no feeling of panic or fear and there nothing more embarrassing that compares to the experience of being in a fitting room and not being able to get off the outfit you decided to try on... 

On the other hand, there is nothing more freeing or enjoyable than having a good dinner or more importantly, a good dessert! The question is as you smell something so delicious that you can't find any reason NOT to eat what you are smelling, are you still willing to pay the price of watching your once fabulous figure go away? 

Unfortunately, it is a fact of life that sexual attraction is an important element when dating, when you are married, and especially when getting divorced since technically you are back to dating. When you are married and therefore, truly love with someone it doesn't matter what the person looks like on the outside since it is their heart and who they are that infuses the sexual attraction. In that case getting and staying in shape may not be that important and your figure  no longer has to be an issue.

So, does Sophisticated woman have to be in shape? Does a woman have to be a size 4 or 2 in order to be considered Sophisticated? Does someone have to be in shape to be considered special or stylish? No. 

Should a Sophisticated woman get in shape for her metal and physical health? Maybe. 

Is part of being Sophisticated having self respect in yourself and confidence in who you are and in your appearance no matter what your size or shape may be? Yes.

As a way to release stress, keep the beautiful rose color in your cheeks, and to improve your health it is probably safe to say that it is important to work out at the gym, take long walks, or run. For Sophisticated women to stay in shape it is important merely because it continues the life span of a Sophisticated woman thereby continuing the example for others of how to be fabulous for as long as possible. 

Therefore, no worries for those who aren't in shape, or who don't know how to begin to get into shape since it is not important and you don't have to go it alone. As we all know, the option is always there and there are plenty of ways and opportunities available to keep active. 

In the end, if a Sophisticate does decide to get in shape or if she is already trying to get in shape exercising is one of the few times and places that she can allow anyone to see her sweat! ;D!