A Sophisticate Likes a Boy

"Boys will break your heart. A man will pick up the pieces" Unknown 

When you were little it was a homemade Valentine. In Jr. High School it happened at parties during a game called 'spin the bottle'. In High School, it was a note passed during class. In college, it was a trip to the student center or lounge to study. 'It' of course was having a crush on or deciding when you liked a boy.

When you graduated from college if you were not married the REAL challenge began. How does one meet and begin to like 'a boy' with so many bad as well as good options and opportunities available? Do you meet him at work? In a bar or club? Maybe, through friends? Or what about eHarmony, Match.com, or Plenty of Fish.com? Or maybe, you meet him one day while you are at Barnes &; Noble or grabbing a frappucino while you are doing homework at Starbucks. Whenever 'It' happens, you end up meeting and liking someone who didn't seem like such a big deal at the time but yet turned out to be someone who you could never live without.

It is a give that a Sophisticate always knows what to say in any situation. She is never easily impressed with anyone except those few who are worth her time and her attention. This happens most of the time with men. So, what if a boy DOES impress her? What then? What happens AFTER a Sophisticate decides she likes a boy?

On the outside, a Sophisticate may appear cool, calm, confident, and completely 'in control' in any given situation but when she likes a boy all of those so called rules of etiquette go out the door. Unfortunately, when a boy does make a Sophisticate laugh, relax, and allow her to be completely herself all the 'typical' rules of what it means to be Sophisticated go out the window. 

In the movie, 'My Fair Lady' the character Henry Higgins sings the song "I'm an Ordinary Man". In the song he makes references to the fact that when a woman becomes friends with a man they become jealous and exacting. When men are friends with a woman they become selfish and tyrannical. He continues to say that a man who once had grace and polish who never spoke above a hush is now using language that would make a sailor blush.

In my early teens my father introduced me to  "I'm an Ordinary Man" Having no real experience with love and relationships I would laugh as I listened to the song thinking that the writer was just making everything up. Growing up and getting to the point where I truly cared for someone, I realized that there was a lot of truth to the song.

When a Sophisticate likes a boy no matter how old or young she may be, on the outside she is confident and in control but on the inside she is insecure, scared, worried, and a nervous wreck. When a Sophisticate likes a boy, she makes mistakes saying and doing everything wrong. Obviously, everything she is doing wrong is all in her imagination or then again maybe, not.

When a Sophisticate likes a boy, she becomes a person that was never anticipated. She is placed in a situation that she probably thought she never would ever be in... completely out of control and flawed. A Sophisticate also knows, understands, and accepts the fact that although she might like a boy he might not like her.

Of course, as we all know love is seeing a imperfect perfectly. Therefore, the RIGHT man that a Sophisticate falls in love with always forgives her. The right man still thinks that she is beautiful and instead of criticizing or correcting her actions he discusses what could be done to help improve the situation that may be occuring between them.

Obviously, if a Sophsiticate hurts the man she likes then the right man for her has the right to talk to her about what she had done or said that was wrong and is strong enough to say something without fear. 

When a Sophisticate likes a boy, she hopes he will become the man she will eventually fall in love with. ;D