A Sophisticate Works Hard and Plays Hard

A Sophisticate knows fashion and etiquette. She not only knows exactly what to say, when, and to whom but she also knows how to balance work with play a.k.a. she knows how to have fun. She is focused at work and has control over herself at parties and at clubs.

When a Sophisticate walks into a meeting she has just as much  charisma as she does when she walks in the the latest 'Hot Spot' or Club. And, where does a Sophisticate party?! A Sophisticate always spends her time with her good friends and/or people who make her laugh and at places with a dress code. Although Sports Bars are acceptable a Sophisticate NEVER steps into a dingy Bar. And if a man does take her to a dingy Bar she drops him immediately! Small 'Out-of-the-way' restaurants in big cities offer the best food and most romantic evenings but a dark atmosphere is only acceptable during a candlelight dinner or when you are alone with someone special after the evening festivities are over. 

As a true Sophisticate either on a date or anytime after work, you must be seen in a place where the lights are on… where everyone can see how fabulous and fabulously sophisticated you are.

Life will present you with the opportunity to be able to party every night but will  sometimes force you to stay in because of stressful or depressing situations but a Sophisticate at some point will always know how to obtain Work-life balance. With her high heels and big smile, she is ambitious, charismatic, has a contagious laugh, and more importantly always decides to dance even when everyone else is sitting on the sidelines. 

In the end, a Sophisticate understands that life is short and that she must work hard to support her fabulous and sophisticated lifestyle but she is always aware that there is ALWAYS time to go out and have fun with her friends. A Sophisticate always chooses to knock'em dead with her knowledge and ambition at work but also with her laugh while she is out having fun.