A 'Toy Story' Comparison

When I saw the preview of 'Toy Story' for the first time, I thought it was merely just an updated version of the children's story 'The Velveteen Rabbit' by Margery Williams. The storyline for 'Toy Story' was and wasn't. 'Toy Story' had the exact same story line but the bittersweet sadness that the book evoked was replaced by laughter. 

When 'Toy Story 2' came out, I was more worried about Pixar running out of good ideas and following the 'sequel' syndrome but that was FAR from what happened. Not only could I not stop laughing, but I was introduced to Jessie the Cowgirl. There was an instant connection on my part with her character. The character went from extremely excited to really sad. 

She had abandonment issues and was ready to start a fight at a moments notice. At the time, I thought that Jessie was completely different from the other female character Little Bo Peep. Little Bo Peep was quiet, calm, and seemed to be Woody's conscious as she guided him with advice through difficult times. I wondered what character do little girls like better? 

What about in 10 or 20 years, when people look back at this movie what will children think about those two characters?  Finally, I wondered if the writers of 'Toy Story' believe that women either fall into the  Little Bo Peep and Jessie the Cowgirl category? 

Let's look at the characteristics of both: Jessie the Cowgirl is beautiful, scared, insecure, makes rash judgement of others, adventurous, has (abandonment) issues, isn't afraid, enthusiastic, ready for a fight, and wears her heart on her sleeve. Little Bo Peep is beautiful, calm, wise, caring, gentle, polished, and affectionate. 

Is Little Bo Peep an example of what it means to be 'Sophisticated' in the 21st Century or Jessie? Or should being Sophisticated in the 21st Century mean that we have to encompass the characteristics of both? In 'Toy Story 3' the character of Barbie seemed to encompass the characteristics of both so is she the most 'Sophisticated' or more 'Sophisticated' then either Jessie the Cowgirl and Little Bo Peep?

If 'Sophisticate in the Suburbs' is looking to determine what being 'Sophisticated' means, then what character either Jessie the Cowgirl, Little Bo Peep, and/or Barbie do you think is an example of a Sophisticated woman in the 21st Century and why?