Flip Flops: Sophisticated or Not?

"Some of the best memories are made in flip flops" Kellie Ellmore 

Summertime. A season of grilling out in the backyard, fireworks, picnics, drinks on the deck, lemonade, iced tea, ice cream, water or italian ice (depending on where you live) vacations, shorts, t-shirts, cute skirts, the beach, the pool, and flip flops.Flip flops are shoes that are typically worn only in the summer. They are fun, can be easily taken on or off and cool to wear when the temperature rises. 

Over the past 20 years, they have become popular and VERY fashionable. Today it is acceptable to wear your flip flops in nice restaurants. For eating out, flip flops are acceptable but what about during the day? During the day or during work (especially in an office) are they are still not considered as acceptable or appropriate? How about on casual fridays? Are they acceptable to worn at work on Friday's? For me, even on casual Friday's I still would feel weird wearing them in an office environment. That is not true for everyone and maybe at some point that will change.

Flip flops can be dressy. Flip flops can be expensive, too. H. Stern sold a luxury pair of flip flops for $17,000.  Prada Thongs are priced at $360.00 and Salvatore Ferragamo Logo Thong Sandal are $420.00. lip flops are stylish and have a high demand that retailers can charge whatever price they want. They are becoming more and more considered as ‘Stylish’ apparel. Does a high price tag or stylish mean that flip flops are sophisticated enough to worn? Is a sophisticate if she wears them?

Flips flops have even been immortalized through a diamond necklace by Na Hoku. Thereby, giving flip flops more meaning than just fun footwear to wear during the summer. What do flips flops mean? What do they represent? Why would someone wear  flip flops not just on their feet but also around their neck? To me, flip flops represent relaxation, vacation, and the beach. For me, a diamond flip flop represents a glamorous lifestyle on the beach.

Sophistication is all about presentation. Therefore, a manicure preferably a french manicure makes the presentation of wearing flip flops on your feet stylish but it is the person wearing them that make flip flops sophisticated ;D!