A Sophisticate at Work

A Sophisticate thrives when she is at work, whether it be in the office or at home. According to the Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary professional is defined as 1a: of relating to, or characteristic of a profession b engaged in one of the learned professions c (1) characterized by or conforming to the technical or ethical standards of a profession   (2) exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, and generally businesslike manner in the workplace. Therefore, a Sophisticate no matter what or where she is working always tries to be the example of professionalism. 

She is organized, ambitious, and hard working. She has a vision of what she would like to achieve for herself and others from the vivid imagination she had as a child. Like a child, she starts each day with a fresh perspective and outlook free from the past. A Sophisticate is appropriately dressed for each meeting or situation she is presented with in the office. Her stilettos provide her the advantage of equal height and footing with the men who she meets with as she walks around the office. Her Stilettos allow her to put her best foot forward at whatever she chooses to accomplish. She smiles and never apologizes for her femininity. Her femininity is one of her greatest assets at the office because it helps her distinguish her from everyone else by bring out her unique internal and external beauty.
A Sophisticate succeeds at whatever she decides accomplish because she knows that work is NOT her life. There is a work life balance that allows her to focus on one task at a time, one problem at a time, and one solution at a time that guarantees  her success. When she is home she enjoys the pleasures and relaxation that home and the people who love her and who she loves offers.

As far as her appearance to others, the perception of a Sophisticate is that she always pleasant, optimistic, and well put together. A Sophisticate is genuine because she has the ability to quiet the noise around her and listen but more importantly follow her inner voice. A Sophisticate is honest about herself and never pretends to be anything she is not. 

A Sophisticate in the 21st century is decisive. Diplomatic she is unafraid to have difficult conversations that require open and honest communication. If she is insecure about herself or unsure her abilities she doesn't tell anyone. On the other hand, if a Sophisticate is unsure or insecure about the performance of a task she asks for help and advice. She is a team player and understands that everyone has a talent or expertise in different areas and it is the utilization of everyone that creates a successful product or effort.
A Sophisticate knows that respecting differences and being unique equals success. She is direct but kind. She shows respect to everyone. The respect and politeness she shows to everyone she comes into contact with is the key to her success.  Respect is especially shown to her mentors whether it be a formal mentor or simply another woman who has more experience than her. For a Sophisticate, earning everyone's trust and respect is just as important to her as giving  that respect in return. 

She may compare but NEVER competes with another woman and may compare her success with what the men she works with achieve but she only competes with herself and what she can accomplish. When she does accomplish a task or project she gives credit to others instead of blame. 

A Sophisticate is decisive but lets her actions speak louder than her words. Her talents, professionalism, and relative power are not spoken since as Margaret Thatcher once said "Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't" A Sophisticate is a lady above all else at work as she is at home.

A Sophisticate is ALWAYS focused on the task at hand. Of course, a Sophisticate seeks out and creates opportunities to laugh and have fun at work. Therefore, a Sophisticate avoids complaining, insulting, or gossiping about others since it creates an atmosphere of distrust. When speaking of others she remembers the advice of Benjamin Franklin when he said "Three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead"

For a Sophisticate at work, she understands that everything she does is similar to the art of winning a chess game. Thereby, she has the focus and ability to keep ten steps ahead of everyone including herself.