The Wicked Princess

Once upon a time there lived a very beautiful but very Wicked Witch. The Wicked Witch had once been a Princess but her parents, the King and Queen died unexpectedly leaving her alone in the large Castle with a great many responsibilities ruling the Kingdom. After years of remaining there alone and constantly criticized because of her position it left the Princess bitter and angry. Her bitterness and anger eventually made her mean and turned her in to a very wicked witch.

Although, she spent most of her time at her Castle, every so often she would go into town. She would get into black carriage driven by six black horses and watch from her carriage window the people laughing, playing, and enjoying the beautiful weather. She hated going to town because each time she would she felt as if everyone was staring at her and that made her just want to run and hide.
One night, she heard her doorbell ring. She never invited anyone over and no one EVER came to visit her so she was curious to who was at her door. When she opened the door she noticed a very handsome Prince. It was raining and looking for someplace to spend the night. She was amazed at why he choose such an ominous and dark Castle. He told her that although the Castle was dark, a small light could be seen from the outside. That small light he said was enough to make him feel comfortable or self assured that the Castle was not as dark and ominous as it appeared.

The Prince explained that he was looking for a Castle in a reputable Kingdom to rule alongside a Princess of his choice. After an enjoyable conversation they both agreed that it would be okay for him to stay at her Castle for awhile. The next day he decided he would start his search for a Castle. He asked her if she wanted to accompany him on their journey. She was shocked. Because of her all black apparel, negative attitude, and her mean reations to people  idn't he know what she looked like? That everyone talked about didn't he realize that people would be staring at them? He seemed to not care. Each day the trips they took turned out to be longer and longer until they didn't come back to her Castle till dark. 

As the days went on they talked ALOT but more importantly they laughed. There were moments where she would laugh so hard her stomach would hurt. It was like the laughter melted her heart somehow and she slowly came to realize that laughter in her life was what she had been missing. In fact, laughter had been missing from her life for so long she had forgotten how much she needed it through all of her responsibilities. 

The Prince was a gentleman and someone who believed in her, was smart, brave, and more importantly honest. He never criticized her and they both were and could be silly together. Allowing herself to be silly was something she never was in front of people because most never allowed her to feel that comfortable or at ease.

Her smiles were contagious. Anyone and everyone she came into contact with could feel the warmth of her happiness that seemed to overflowing. Before she realized what was going on she became something  that she had not been in a very long time.  She was happy. As her happiness grew and her laughter continued her clothes began to change. They became lighter in color and before she knew it they were all pink except maybe, for a little blue. 

Of course, she did occasionally wear black and white including the wedding dress she wore when she eventually married the handsome Prince. His laughter and ability to be there for her, his bravery and courage, finally, allowed her Castle to transform into a home and for her to transform back into a Princess and into the Queen she was destined to become. 

In the end, since no relationship is perfect they lived happily ever after, sort of ;D!