A Sophisticate and her Shoes

"Men have cars, women have their hair; Men have their electronics, women have shoes" Sophisticate in the Suburbs

For a Sophisticate, there is nothing more than the extension of who she is than what she wears on her feet, her shoes. A combination of her personal style and the latest fashion, her shoes reflect her attitude and how she feels while and when she wears them. A Sophisticate's shoes ARE her state of mind.

Shoes are a powerful combination of her personal style and the latest fashion. More than that a pair of shoes can make a woman feel powerful, beautiful, sexy, playful, fun, and relaxed. Sometimes, a pair of shoes can make her feel all of those characteristics at the same time. High heels can raise her up so she can walk a little taller. High heels at work allow her to be able to look at a man eye to eye (See A Sophisticate at Work). Flip flops are relaxed, comfortable, fun, and stylish. In the heat and at the beach flip flops allow her to be free. 

The right pair of shoes they chose her. When a Sophisticate shops for a pair of shoes, she knows she has the right pair because when she tries them on, they not only look right but they feel right, too.

Shoes don't make a woman look overweight or too skinny. A pair of shoes make her look perfect. It doesn't matter if you have gained or lost weight, the right pair of shoes make a Sophisticate look and feel great about herself as well. A pair of shoes shine like her confidence.

In the end, shoes especially a good pair make a Sophisticate are simply an addition to her stylish lifestyle and make her look even more fabulous and stylish than she already is.... ;D!