A Sophisticate Eats Junk Food

While flipping through my Septemper 2010 Harper's Bazaar Magazine, I happened to come across a picture of Tamera Mellon, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Jimmy Choo shoes eating McDonald's. The caption reads "Six framed glossy snake photographs by Guido Mocafico hang overhead as the sultry Tamara Mellon takes a break from her hectic life".  

A hectic life is something that in the 21st Century includes you whether you are a CEO or just starting out as an intern. There always seems like there is ALOT or more than enough things  to do and no time to do it in. Tamera Mellon has an eight year old daughter. Today, women have many  responsibilities to take of during the day and although most important to sustaining your outlook and living your life sometimes the last thing you feel like doing is cooking. 

Cooking is something that is important the health of yourself and your family. GOOD food is important to sustain your energy. Unlike cleaning and organizing, you can't just leave it for a couple of days. For someone who works full time, it can be a task to be home for your children and have a well prepared meal in time for when you would be ready to eat. When is there time to relax and re-charge your batteries for the next day?! Most people hire housekeepers but if I were wealthy enough I would skip the housekeeper and hire a cook. Imagine having a cook come to your house for a few hours. The cook could become the person there to open the door for your children after school and of course, cook and clean up afterwards so that when you arrived home from a busy day at work you, your spouse, your children basically, your entire family could sit down together at the table  for a well prepared home cooked meal each evening during the work week. Since you wouldn't have to clean up you could spend the rest of the evening talking, playing, and bonding as a family. Before you went to bed you wouldn't be exhausted and would wake up each morning well fed, relaxed, and well-rested. In the end, it would be one less chore you would have to worry about and everyone would receive the well balanced nutrition they deserved.

Let's talk reality. You can't afford a cook and have to work full time just to put your child or children through day care and school. You have no time when you get home or if you do and cook a meal by the time everything is done it is almost time for bed. What about if you're single?! You cook a good meal and have leftovers for maybe, two days afterwards but you are not responsible for anyone. If you are tired you have the choice not to cook you don't, the leftovers spoil, and the guilt complex over the money you spent just kicks into high gear. So, what is the solution?

A Sophisticate can do it all but sometimes she needs a break. How can she take a break? Unfortunately, it is through junk food. Junk food provides consistency and easy accessibility since you don't have to make any large effort to obtain what you would like to eat. A Sophisticate keeps in shape so she can afford junk food once in awhile. A Sophisticate can treat herself to a few pieces of chocolate while soaking in a bubble bath after a long, hard day at work. A Sophisticate works hard to afford to go to a nice or decent restaurant once in awhile and splurge on her favorite dessert. Sometimes, a Sophisticate is even allowed to have a doughnut in the morning, pizza for lunch, and taco bell at dinner so long as it isn't every day. 

In the end, a Sophisticate knows how to cook and understands the value of cooking. A Sophisticate understands that sometimes the energy to cook is better reserved for more fun and relaxing activities. Therefore, when the pressures of life are upon her she has the ability to be disciplined to eat junk food and have the financial success to indulge in the delicious taste of whatever she likes to eat the end or the start of each wonderful day. ;D!