A Sophisticate is a Leader

"Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. it is precisely that simple, and also that difficult" Warren Bennis

Even though there are times where a Sophisticate may not want to be it is because of her decisiveness, opinions, focus, and 'Type A' personality she is thrown into the role of being a leader. Being a leader is stressful and lonely.  Stressful because a Sophisticate knows that in the long run her decisions affect everyone who you have chosen to lead. Her success as a leader depends on her and her alone. There is no one to blame when a mistake is made. The results of the responsibility a Sophisticate will assume is on here shoulders and there is no one there to help her. To add to the pressure, there are people waiting for her to make a mistake, fail, and fall. People question will question her credibility because she is a woman and for no other reason except jealousy. 

Lonely because there is a wall that a Sophisticate must put up that you or no one else can cross. In fear of lack of respect, there is a distance a Sophisticate places between her and everyone she will meet. No one will wants to be close to her unless they want something and they will be afraid the spotlight on her that might fall on them.  

Luckily, a Sophisticate has no fear to be herself. She is not afraid to be unique. A Sophisticate flourishes as the 'Flower in the Desert' and is comfortable enough with herself not to be a part of or follow the crowd. A Sophisticate doesn't compete but rightfully and respectfully gives credit where credit is due. A Sophisticate is comfortable to be able to stand alone and is not afraid to face reality. Comfortable with herself a Sophisticate is polite enough not to be the center of attention. Finally, a Sophisticate is resilient. Utilizing her short term memory loss, she is able to make a mistake, learn from it, forget about it, and move on quickly. 

Leaders are born and not made. Leaders in the 21st Century will not be defined as someone who have qualities like everyone else before them rather, they will be defined as people who are strong enough to follow their heart. They will described as people who were not afraid to be different or contribute their differences of opinion for the sake and betterment of the whole. Therefore, a Sophisticate in the 21st Century is a leader because of who she is and not who she tries to be.

No longer are women regarded as great because they are behind a great man. A Sophisticate is a Leader: What defines a Sophisticate in the 21st Century is her natural ability to be a leader. In the end, beyond her talents and her skills it's her willingness and lack of fear to be different, unique, and more importantly special that defines a Sophisticate as a leader. ;D