A Sophisticate Plays Sports

Photo: hot4tennis.com
In the beginning of the 20th Century, little girls wore skirts, nice shoes, and white stockings. The little girl had pretty hair adorned with a pink bow.  Wealthy or poor, regardless of nationality or whether they wore white stockings or pink bows, little girls were taught that they had to wear skirts and 'play nice'. Wearing pants and getting dirty or getting in trouble were not allowed.

Fast forward to the beginning of the 21st Century where girls and women can play hard, get dirty, but still be girly at the same time, if we choose. That is Sophistication in the 21st Century merely with the fact that the choice is ours. Therefore, little girls and women now have the choice to be clean and pretty and at the same time play hard and get dirty. Little girls and women can wear skirts or pants depending on the situation or day. There are no rules or restrictions of etiquette that forces a Sophisticate to wear one or the other or be one or the other pretty, sweet, and clean or playing hard, getting dirty, and being bad. In the end, today little girls and women do not have to be or act in a way that is something that she is not.

Now playing in the dirt is encouraged instead of discouraged. Now, 9 times out of 10 a little girl that get's dirty, can play rough with the boys, and win can mean a scholarship to college and bright, successful career.  The term ‘Tomboy’ is no longer used since it now applies to every little girl and today's most successful women.

What does playing sports teach you? It teaches you to push yourself to the limit and keep going. It teaches you that even as you are being pushed to the edge where you THINK you are going to die, you don't. Playing sports you will reach your lowest point and at that moment your desire to go that extra mile doesn't end. In fact, you find that at your lowest point your desire to go that extra mile increases ten-fold. In the end, playing sports allows you to believe that what you thought you were capable of goes further than you ever imagined it could go. By playing sports, a Sophisticate learns resilience and a Sophisticate is resilient. When you are on a team or work as a part of a larger team, you find your competitive edge and desire to win double, triple, and quadruple. There is an excitement built when a Sophisticate works within and as a part of a Team, not just through competition but when you win.  

What does playing sports teach you? That the journey can be more fun than reaching your goal. 

A Sophisticate always demands the best and is willing to sacrifice and make the best of the journey in whatever she chooses to do or have. Therefore, by playing sports that is how she learns that reaching any goal is simply the icing on the cake. Isn't that similar to the lesson that we learn consistently over and over in life that we seem to forget? 

What else does Sports teach you? Not to give up. A Sophisticate NEVER gives up. 

If you fail or lose a game or match there will always be another one coming up. You learn that failure only makes you work harder and be better. You learn that giving up and quitting feels worse then losing.

After being accepted to a very good women’s college after high school, my father strongly encouraged me to go to a co-ed college. Why? His argument was that if I wanted to succeed in life and more importantly succeed in the business world I needed to know how to compete with men. I believed him based on my experience of playing sports. I learned to push my self physically and that desire to compete and win began to grow. As I refined that competitive edge I developed a belief that I was or would be good enough to compete with men. 

We all know how animals are stronger than humans but human beings have a more developed brain. We as humans don’t have claws or really large, sharp teeth but we do have a highly developed intelligence.

Men have genetically evolved to physically stronger but through sports and increased physical activity women are gaining more physical strength.  With our existing physical strength we also have the advantage of being emotionally stronger and more acute. Coupled with the fact that playing sports helps anyone understand the work and fun that is related to competition, it is easy to understand that playing sports is an important element to being Sophisticated in the 21st Century.