A Sophisticate has Manners

"Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. if you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use" Emily Post 

When someone thinks of manners and etiquette a person's mind goes to Miss Manners or Emily Post. When A person  go to the do's and don't of being a good hostess or what the proper place is on a table for a fork or knife.  

A Sophisticate knows etiquette or more importantly knows the difference between manners,etiquette, and having class or sophistication. Etiquette is about doing the right things at the right time and manners are about genuine kindness. My great grandmother raised twelve children during the Great Depression. She was not wealthy yet to me she was the classiest most well bred woman I had ever known. It wasn't what she wore, it was her kindness, her confidence, her decisiveness, and her ability to gain respect and friends wherever she was or whatever she was doing. 

When I was younger, she taught me a lesson in life that I will never forget. She taught me about how a person looks appearance is based on a persons personality. My great grandmother taught me that it didn't matter how much money you had, it was how you carried yourself and your manners that were most important. If you had manners and carried yourself with confidence it wouldn't matter if you were wearing rags you would be accepted anywhere. A Sophisticate knows that confidence, kindness, sincerity, empathy, and appreciation are the key to being successful. 

Manners, politeness, empathy, civility, and appreciation. What comes to mind when you think about having manners or being polite? Do you believe that having manners is the same as knowing the rules of etiquette? If they are different, what are the differences? Is either one more important than the other?

Unfortunately, in the 21st Century etiquette and manners are not encountered everyday. In fact, a person who understands the rules of etiquette and who have manners both outwardly spoken or on-line is a rarity. Of course, that is why a Sophisticate is rare but extremely special because she knows and follows the rules of etiquette, she does have manners, and is polite in ALL of her dealings. 

The words and phrases 'May I', 'Please', 'Thank you', and 'You're welcome' are commonly used. Her e-mails (especially at work) are written like a formal letter used to be written starting with 'Dear (Insert name)' or with the name the e-mail is addressed to and ending with either 'Thank you' or 'Sincerely'. A Sophisticate checks her grammar and spelling. She apologizes and admits when she is wrong and carries herself with confidence but not full of ego and humility. A Sophisticate wants to know and remembers a person's name when she meets them (See A Sophisticate and Dale Carnegie).  A Sophisticate sits up straight at the dinner table or wherever she may be sitting even if it is a footstool, she sacrifices comfort for confidence and grace. A Sophisticate also teaches her children the importance of manners and etiquette, as well. 

A Sophisticate stands out not because she is beautiful or well-dressed but because she is genuine and kind.A Sophisticate stands out because s the smile she gives to everyone she sees  reflects her genuine, good-natured, and kind nature. 

In a world where being comfortable and casual has taken precedence, a Sophisticate takes it to the next level with her positive attitude and good manners. In the 21st Century she is a diamond in the rough. She is someone who has manners but more importantly is kind to whoever she meets. In the end, it is her manners that separates her from everyone else allowing her to have class and making her a TRUE sophisticate ;D!