A Sophisticate Improves her Home

"A house is made with walls and beams. A home is made with love and dreams" Author Unknown

Home is where the heart is and that statement is no less true for a Sophisticate. A Sophisticate does not have a house but rather a home. A Sophisticate works hard and plays hard (see A Sophisticate Works Hard and Plays Hardbut she also needs a place to relax; she needs a place of her own where she can rest and gather her strength to work and play hard. Wherever she chooses her home to relax in it is just as important as what she wears, what she chooses to buy, and whom she chooses to love. 

A Sophisticate's home reflects who she is as a person. Her home is also where she does her fabulous parties with all of her closest friends. A Sophisticate wants a clean and beautiful home that reflects who she is to give to the people she loves the most when they are invited over to have fun or just to chat. 

With everything beautiful comes work especially in the case of building a home. Is a Sophisticate smart and strong enough to be able to do home improvements? Yes! Married, with a boyfriend, or single a Sophisticate can and do work on the rooms of her home by herself. Work is hard and tiring. A Sophisticate would typically never voluntarily wear old sweatpants or gym clothes. A Sophisticate would never sign up for sweating or aching muscles unless it was gotten from playing sports. Mud, dust, paint, or bleach stained clothes are not attractive but the woman who wears those clothes are because they reflect the beautiful thing or room that she just created all by herself.

There is another side to being a Sophisticate being able to improve her home and that is being able to afford to have someone improve it for her. A Sophisticate works hard and succeeds at work so that she can pay for someone who can improve her home for her. She is independent and works hard to obtain assets for herself for her future. With the divorce rate and the uncertainty that life brings a Sophisticate is always prepared. For a Sophisticate that means having a reserve of her own money or strength enough to be prepared for emergencies or murphy's law. Being able not to depend on anyone besides herself at any point in her life not just in case of emergencies but also is a sense of pride and accomplishment that helps build even more confidence in herself.

A Sophisticate improves her home by herself or hiring someone to perform it for her because like a Superhero she is she comes in to save the day for her future, her security, her friends, and most importantly her family even if she is the only member. ;D!