A Sophisticate in a Relationship

There are many types of relationships. The most important types of relationships for a Sophisticate to have is the relationship with her friends (male or female), with her co-workers, with her boyfriend or husband, and the relationships that she has with her family. 

In the 21st Century, relationships mean more than they ever did therefore, good relationships are even more rare but even more special. With hardships, increased competition, and the pursuit to have what would be considered more than previous generations there seem to be fewer and fewer people that a Sophisticate can trust, rely on, and be on your side during times of trouble or sadness. 

A Sophisticate knows that reliability, the knowledge that someone will be by your side even through the worst or saddest of circumstances, and trust are the criteria for a relationship with whom can be considered a good friend, a trusted co-worker, and a reliable family member.  Sophisticate realizes that trust, reliability, and belief are the key ingredients to a successful relationship or the indicators to know when to develop a relationship with someone at all. Beyond a good relationship, a GREAT relationship is the element of trust. 

Beyond a great relationship is the the most important relationship of all, the relationship with another person (See 'The Two Most Important Decisions'). When I asked a friend 'How did you know?' when the decision came to determining who to marry, my friend said that his wife was the one person he could trust 100%. There are a few people that you can trust but there is only one person that you can trust 100% and those few people include your mom, your dad, and the person you decide to marry. Trusting someone 99% is not enough to determine a great relationship and THE relationship that is to be the most important person in your life and the person you decide to depend on to provide you unconditional love similar to the unconditional love of your parents.

A Sophisticate knows, that laughter and optimism are the two elements that are the building blocks to developing trust, reliability, and someone you know you can rely on to be there for you. A Sophisticate is sometimes lucky to have many good relationships in her life and may find that one great or special person right away. Sometimes a Sophisticate has to wait and sometimes that person that a Sophisticate trusts 100% comes in the form of a child instead of a husband. 

A Sophisticate in a relationship is honest and trustworthy. She makes sure to communicate with those people she has a good and great relationship when circumstances and situations are both bad and good. She is appreciative, fun, and sympathetic. A Sophisticate is also confident without being egotistical and allows those special people she allows in her life to shine. A Sophisticate in a relationship is not perfect (See 'Effortless Perfection') and like the Dale Carnegie principle (See 'A Sophisticate and Dale Carnegie') recognizes when she is wrong and apologizes, she says 'I'm Sorry' quickly and sincerely. A Sophisticate in all of her dealings or situations with the people she has a good relationship has manners (See 'A Sophisticate has Manners') when she is with them in public. A Sophisticate is decisive on what she wants in a relationship but also remembers to express her emotions (See 'A Sophisticate is Vulnerable')

In the end, a Sophisticate is confident enough to develop and be that person to establish good relationships. A Sophisticate is also confident enough to search and wait for that special relationship. A Sophisticate knows she deserves great relationships and that one special relationship in her life. A Sophisticate knows that however long it takes she deserves the best because not only because she is he best but also because she has nothing but the best to give of herself to others.