A Sophisticate is an Environmentalist

"Life finds a way" Jurassic Park (1993)

On a beautiful day, there is nothing like walking in a park or going on a hiking trip or hiking through the woods. Beyond the benefits and enjoyment a Sophisticate gets from exercise (see A Sophisticate plays Sports), it is the fresh breeze, the smell of the clean air, the shade and beauty of the trees that rejuvenates her. 

Nature is beautiful in its truest form. Being out in nature allows a person to be able to clear their head, focus on what is important, and it helps a person be alone and inspired so that creativity can begin. The answers to life's questions can also be found in nature. Whatever question in life you have the answer can be found in nature but you have to know how to ask. For example, a waterfall begins with a single drop of water and look what it becomes. Never give up before you start a project. No matter how small you may think a project or endeavor  may be because of the difficulty you and what you do over time could evolve into something as massive as the ocean. Also, with time, even something as soft as water can penetrate rock. Everyone can wear away even the greatest problem with time and perseverance. Finally, if you cut down a tree before it grows how do you know how tall it can be? If you berate someone or are berated how do you know how successful you can truly be. 

Beyond the mental and emotional gains from nature what about the immeasurable benefits of fresh water from streams and oceans there is the oxygen provided by the trees around her? The benefits of the natural resources have allowed the United States to become a world leader through the riches it has provided us with our surplus of food and shelter. Our natural resources were once worthy enough to sacred and therefore, worshipped by the Native Americans based on their recognition of the beauty of what they saw and experienced by environment around them. The same environment that we now seek to destroy for our own personal gain or because we take advantage of the fact it will be there for us. Why would the environment be there or take care of us if we are not there to care of it? As we destroy the environment, we are consequently destroying ourselves.

With increased responsibility a woman has in the 21st century at the very least, a Sophisticate recycles but more than that on occasion a Sophisticate does make the extra effort to clean the environment around her because she appreciates and respects the beauty and the wealth of resources that the environment continually provides her and her family. 

A Sophisticate is a lady (see A Sophisticate has Manners) and she cares about not only cleaning her house (see A Sophisticate Improves her Home) but her world. A Sophisticate is an environmentalist because she cares enough to be truly good natured, no pun intended. Unfortunately, everyone does not care about cleaning their world and their environment therefore, sometimes she must go the extra mile and clean the world around her for the benefit of current and future generations including the family that is around now and the generations of her family to come. 

A Sophisticate is an environmentalist because she knows she is only a guest in the world. In the end, she cares about the environment because she cares about her future and her future legacy found in the hearts of her children and grandchildren.  ;D!