A Sophisticate is Political

"I don't believe in the Republican party or the Democratic party. I just believe in parties" Samantha Jones from 'Sex in the City'

My father once gave me the advice that religion and politics were two topics that you never discussed at the dinner table. He believed that with those two topics people are the most emotional because their beliefs are so strong. He was right.

That being said that is also not to say that a Sophisticate isn't aware of what is going on in the world and has an opinion, political views, or believes in a higher power. In fact, for a Sophisticate to vote is something that took centuries for women to win the right to do therefore, a Sophisticate honors that memory and struggle by making sure she votes in every election. 

The personal attachment to politics to religion goes beyond logic because it is from the heart and the heart never lies to the person who feels anything. When another person tells another that what they feel is wrong the perception is that there is an attack being made. Attacking another for how they feel or what they believe is wrong.  

In the 21st Century, where fewer people trust and anger seems a daily part of life with the frustrations that life bring every day, acceptance and diplomacy is rare but also the key to survival and success. The ability to put personal feelings and beliefs aside to hear another person's story or see another person's perspective or simply the ability to listen openly giving the other person the spotlight to express what they know and they feel is important. In the long run, a Sophisticate knows being political and hearing another persons thoughts and opinions are vital for the sake of having fun, allowing another person to feel at ease, and making a friend. A Sophisticate knows the best way to get along with people is to agree to disagree.

Simply put, being attacked or feeling that you are being attacked is never fun. When a Sophisticate is in a social situation she likes to have fun and focus on being happy. When a Sophisticate is hosting a social event she creates an atmosphere of warmth,fun, and happiness. At a party or any social situation when you meet people for the first time hatred and attacking each other is not allowed therefore, talking politics and religion for a Sophisticate is avoided at all costs.

A Sophisticate is also political in all of her dealings and what she says. A Sophisticate is diplomatic and never takes sides in an argument but when asked her opinion she provides it without hesitation in an honest and truthful manner. A Sophisticate is neither judgmental nor critical but rather chooses her words carefully. A Sophisticate thinks before she speaks.

In the end, although a Sophisticate is aware of the world around her and forms her own personal opinions and has her own personal beliefs, in order to keep the peace and be diplomatic in any and every social situation a Sophisticate is  political and never brings up the topic of politics or religion.