A Sophisticate Serves her Country

"Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace" Amelia Earhart

A Sophisticate is strong, resilient, and has no fear (See 'A Sophisticate has No Fear"). A Sophisticate also has discipline but more important she has pride. A Sophisticate has pride in herself and her Country. Although political (See 'A Sophisticate is Political') she believes in herself and that her Country is a symbol for freedom and democracy. 

Like everything in life, nothing is free not even the ability to have the power to choose and freedom to pursue 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness'. Therefore, a Sophisticate is strong and loyal enough to be proud to serve her Country during times of peace and during times of conflict. 

The first woman solider was Deborah Sampson who served in the Revolutionary War in the 18th Century. She disguised herself as a man and fought for the United States during the War of Independence. During one of the battles, she received a gunshot wound to the leg and went to a cave using only a knife to get the bullet out so that she wouldn't be discovered while in an infirmary. Unfortunately, because of her crude and slightly unsanitary methods of extracting the bullet her wound became infected. There at the infirmary she was discovered and dishonorably discharged. The rest of her life she walked with a limp making speeches to people about her experience. 

Fast forward three centuries later to the 21st Century where now women are allowed in all segments of the military including in submarines. Women have endured hardships and fought for the right to vote, fought to be in the military, and fought to be treated fairly and as an equal in the military. A Sophisticate is used to fighting, to working, being strong, and handling pressure in a crisis situation on a daily basis but she uses her skills to go beyond what she is already going though on a daily basis. Does that not make her fully qualified and the perfect candidate to be able to handle combat situations during a War?

A Sophisticate utilizes her strength, fortitude, and discipline to protect her Country, herself, and others right to be free and go after 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness'.

A Sophisticate has Manners (See 'A Sophisticate has Manners') therefore, whenever she sees anyone in uniform she goes up to them and says 'Thank you'. 'Thank you for being courageous and strong enough to preserve my freedom as well as the freedom of the people I hold close to my heart and try my best to protect and love everyday.'

A Sophisticate knows that there is so there is no better way to honor the memory of her ancestors, her Country,  what she believes in most, and what she cherishes the most... the ability to be free for her and her children...  by serving in the military. ;D!