A Sophisticate Writes a Blog

In February 2010, I decided to embark on a new project called 'Sophisticate in the Suburbs'. Previously, I had a blog called 'VillanovaGirl'. I had always been a talker and blogging for me was  was fun but then I thought to myself my blogs were becoming very opinionated and who would really want to hear about me, my thoughts, and opinions? Probably not a lot of people. I needed to create an alter ego sort of like Batman, except without the fancy costume or desire to fight crime at night.

I decided to remove myself from the equation. I knew I wanted to continue blogging. Blogging was GREAT therapy and it helped me in my conversations stop giving my opinion so much or at least reduce the amount of times I gave my opinion. If people wanted to know what I thought they had the option of reading my blog instead of hearing me talk about something they may or may not be interested in hearing in conversation.

'Sophisticate in the Suburbs' was originally called 'Single in the Suburbs' and after noticing that someone had already took that name I came up with 'Sophisticate'.

Upon creating the blog, I decided that everything about 'Sophisticate' should represent and be true to who I am, my likes, and my unique personality. I also needed a trademark something that when people saw it they knew what or who it was without words. Visuals I've always found have always worked effectively, like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Or what about 'Mr. Clean'? You know what product it is through a simple picture and that picture was modeled on someone or the person who created the product.

With the picture that was to represent me I decided on a drawing like 'Mr. Clean' only funnier since I was never one to really take myself seriously. When the artist drew the caricature I requested that the caricature and blog background had that meant a lot to me. I wanted the caricature and blog to emulate my face of course, and my favorite colors black, white, and pink. I included two of my hobbies, reading and writing. I included my cat and one of my outfits, a headband, my argyle sweater, black skirt, and black heals all bought years ago. As requested, the artist styled it so I was sitting down and made me look like Audrey Hepburn in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' a classic! 

I've found that developing a blog is a personal preference and the design and material of it should be first and foremost what is distinctly you. Ask yourself who are you? What are your favorite colors? What type of personality do you have? girly or not?  What you know most about (as every famous author has said 'Write what you know'), what are your hobbies and interests? Most importantly, what you are most passionate about.

Therefore, since have tried to keep the words 'I' out of my blog, from now on you will only know me as 'Sophisticate in the Suburbs' ;D!