Sophisticated Dating Stage #2: Dating On-line
 "The period between New Year’s Day and Valentine’s Day is our busiest six weeks of the year,” explains Sam Yagan, the boss of OkCupid, a big American dating site." Love at First Byte from 'The Economist'

In the 21st Century, dating, like all of people's actions and interactions, is now on-line. For those who are single and still looking for someone to love there are many avenues to find your soul mate. In the 50's it may have been going to a coffeehouse starting with a simple phone call or a number passed in the hallway. In the 1960's it was a night out disco dancing. In the 80's it was meeting for dinner after work and in the 90's you went to a bar or a Nine Inch Nails (NIN) concert. 

Today, there are 'booty calls', 'sexting', and 'friends with benefits' that may or not result in a date or a relationship. Then, there is meeting up to have coffee at Starbucks or drinks (not dinner) after work for a typical first date. Finally, there is how you meet people. After college, there is more than one way to find someone to 'date' or be 'friends' with including 'On-line Dating' . The three that are the most popular or well know are,, E-Harmony, Lot's of Fish, and Zoosk. Some may consider Facebook another one but make sure to refer to Facebook Dating Etiquette ;D!

Since dating has moved on-line, is it now a business? Is love sold for $100.00 or more for three to six months with a money back guarantee if you don't or can't find your soul mate?!  

"Deepak Kamra of Canaan Partners, an American venture-capital firm that has backed several dating services, including Zoosk and BharatMatrimony, estimates that the industry’s revenues from membership fees and advertising now amount to $3 billion-4 billion a year." Love at First Byte from 'The Economist'

On-line dating is simply an option. A Sophisticate has to make that decision based on her personality, her wants, or her lifestyle. Not her need. For a Sophisticate, love is not something she needs from someone else. A Sophisticate lives her life and for love is merely the icing on the cake. She is first and foremost in love and happy with herself and her life. If that special person should come into her life it will only enrich each moment, each day, and  each year that she is with him or her.

Regardless of whether people think it's dangerous or un-natural, dating on-line has the same dangers, pitfalls, and heartache that dating throughout time has always presented. There are deeper and bigger issues than simply clicking on a 'search' button that are to blame for poor manners, rudeness, bad marriages or 'crazy or dangerous' stalkers.

Therefore, no matter who she meets, how she meets them, or even how much she is willing to pay to find them a Sophisticate knows and appreciates the fact that discovering your soul mate and true love no matter what the price is in the end priceless ;D!