A Sophisticate is a Sports Fan

"A good cheerleader is not measured by the height of her jumps but the span of her spirit" Author Unknown

A Sophisticate not only stays in shape, but plays sports, and is ALWAYS a team player. A Sophisticate supports her team not just on the field but off the field. Sometimes a Sophisticate is not the center of attention and has to be on the sidelines. When she is on the sidelines and that could mean merely watching her favorite team she cheers for them with the same heart she has when and if she plays. Why? Because a Sophisticate not only has heart but has spirit. 

Having spirit is not only what helps her have the resilience to keep going but it is something that helps other people to have the resilience to keep going. A Sophisticate supports others by sometimes merely cheering, encouraging, and believing that her team can win. Even when they might be losing, a Sophisticate encourages them while they are down. A Sophisticate's team can be any group of people that she believes in whether it be a team that her son or daughter are playing on or a team of a school she once belonged.

Sports is something that is not restricted to men. Sports is exciting, emotional, and a test of physical strength. Those attributes are open to and can be applied to women. A Sophisticate knows sports played or watched are not restricted to men only. A Sophisticate cheers and supports any team as much as any man. Why? Because a team is not just a bunch of players on a field or on a court, a team a representation of who she is and what she believes in whether it be figuratively or literally. 

In the end, a Sophisticate is a sports fan not only because she cheers on her team or is considered a cheerleader but because she believes in something bigger, better, and larger then herself. 

A Sophisticate is a sports fan because she believes in other people, win or lose.