A Sophisticate and her Mom

"A mother's arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them" Victor Hugo

Someone once said to me "Did you ever notice that no matter how you are whenever anything goes wrong or your not feeling well you go to your mom?" 

Although I always felt that way, I never heard it stated that perfectly.

The relationship between a Sophisticate and her mom is special. The relationship is founded on warmth and security, comfort and love.  There is an unconditional love that cannot be found or replaced by any other person in your life. The unconditional love is based on friendship, trust, and of course, lot's of hugs and kisses.

A Sophisticate and her mom are best friends too. They create a bond together that can never be broken. Like since they are  girlfriends that go on outings together like getting their hair and nails done or going shopping.  Shopping allows mother and daughter to get to know each other through each others style, likes and dislikes.

A Sophisticate's mom is her guide in life as she learns from the wisdom only a mother can impart. From her mom, a Sophisticate understands what it means to be a woman and how to be Sophisticated from her mother. She learns from her mother how to be both strong and loving at the same time.

A Sophisticate learns about sacrifice and caring from her mother. 

Without a mother's love a Sophisticate can never learn what is vital to what a woman could be or is since a mother is an example of true womanhood. If it weren't for her mom a Sophisticate would never have learned or could learn how strong love could be, or what a Sophisticate can be to her children, or even the meaning behind the word 'Mommy'. 

In the end, the blessing to be the giver of life was bestowed on a woman because of the ability and capacity for a woman to give unconditional love, caring, sacrificing, and comfort to a another human being. A Sophisticate is that human being. There is an enormous emotional and loving bond that can never be duplicated or understood in life except when a Sophisticate becomes a mom herself ;D! 

Dedicated to my Mother Jean Pfisterer (b. June 27, 1952 - d. November 24, 2012). 

Love you Mom