A Sophisticate and her Dad

"Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad" Anne Geddes

A Sophisticate and her father have a special relationship. Generations before women looked to their mom as a role model. Due to the opportunities that are now presented to a Sophisticate today, she looks to both her mom and dad as role models. 

Dear Dad,
You always treated me like a princess. You never made me feel like  I never had to apologize for being anything but myself and taught me that I should never apologize for who I am to anyone else. You treated as an equal and never talked down to me. By treating me as an equal I learned about the level of respect I deserve from other men.  In your eyes, you knew I was not perfect but always treated me like I was perfectly beautiful. As an adult, you made me your friend as you became mine. 

You invested in our relationship from the beginning since as a child you read to me each night before I went to bed. You taught me the enjoyment and life long love affair of reading books and eventually wanting to write a book myself someday. You gave me your love and appreciation of music by picking me up and dancing me around the living room every Sunday morning to your favorite records. Finally, as an adult you invested the time to train and teach me about sports that allowed me to learn a lesson or two in being part of a team as well as the joys of individual competition. You created a bond that can never be broken.

Most importantly, I am grateful for the desire you gave me to succeed, to become independent, and self-sufficient so that I never had to or will ever have to rely on anyone not even you. I will always appreciate the ambition, enthusiasm, and the desire to succeed that you instilled in me not just for my personal sake but because you wanted me to one day say that I did better. 

Thank you for being my hero. You sacrificed a lot to be able to give me the financial and emotional support to allow me to succeed. For that, I will always be greatly appreciative of all that you have done and continue to do for me. 

A few years back, you told me that I was your greatest accomplishment and that was still the greatest compliment  I have ever received since I could not have had a greater dad. Happy Father's Day. I Love You.

A Sophisticate has an example of what men should be like from her father. Her father treats her with respect and treats her as an equal. He allows her to be a princess and shows her how a princess should be treated. A Sophisticate learns about what men should be like from her father and learns what unconditional love is and what it can be from a real man.

In the end, a Sophisticate learns as she gets older that her father is not perfect but his love for her always is. A father teaches her that love can be unconditional. In the end, a Sophisticate's father is not just her father but her one and only little girl and princess. ;D!