A Sophisticate on Travel


Growing up I moved twenty times before I went to college. My travel with my parents was limited to Boston and Florida (Disney World). (A Sophisticate is  Gypsy) I didn't learn how to travel until I traveled for business. I spent three weeks every week for 2 1/2 years in different state mainly out West. Although, my first Manager taught me the ropes, I did all of my traveling alone and with practice became better and better at packing and going through Security. Traveling in the 21st Century is hard with all of the rules and it is no less safe for a women in the new millennium. 

Therefore, here are a few tips that I've learned while traveling... a Sophisticate's guide to traveling:

Carry on luggage is a MUST
Keep your luggage with you at all times
If possible, schedule direct flights

Make sure you have your Driver's License and.or Passport

Have the following cards in your wallet:
       Credit Card (only 1)
       Triple A card 

       Health insurance card

Don't carry a lot of cash that will draw attention to yourself
Keep several tags with your name and address on your bag
Make sure to tie a distinguishing ribbon (preferably pink) with your bag

If you wear contacts wear your glasses during long flights

Wear stockings or socks when you depart even for vacation
Carry ankle socks if you wear flip flops or ballet flats w/ no socks
When talking with people give your first name only

If on business, wear a work outfit in case your luggage is lost

What is easy to get stolen and easy to lose? Jewelry

In your bag, have the following essentials:

   Umbrella (pocket-size)

   Make-up from CVS (keep the good stuff at home)
   Travel size Advil and Claritin D
   If you wear glasses, a spare pair and extra contacts
   Two nice button down shirts (wrinkle free)
   One pair of pants or one skirts (wrinkle free)
   Bring a wallet that can hold everything and can act as a purse

Take Airborne BEFORE you board the plane. The recycled air and germs on the seats could cause sickness easily and there is nothing worse than being sick on the flight going or returning from your trip. The recycled air is not only recycling germs but it is dry. tRY TO remember to put cream on your face before and after you land. Finally, make sure to have a piece of gum for when you take-off.  Your ears will thank you.  

The best piece of advice is to make sure to focus on each step of the trip. Like in life, traveling means having an answer or rather the right information and items at your fingertips BEFORE the question is asked or in the case of traveling boarding or preparing to go anywhere.

In the end, like in life when a Sophisticate travels she knows that it is not the destination but the journey that matters ;D!