Sophisticated Health, Beauty, and Fitness
"Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it" Oprah Winfrey

Here are a few simple rules that I have learned and have practiced. To be continued... ;D!

Health Beauty and Fitness Tip:
1 Honey makes everything go away and get better: 

Health and Beauty Tips:

1 Did you know back massages help with carpal tunnel? a massage is A LOT easier to deal with than surgery. 

2 Did you know that your metabolism slows down significantly after 6PM? Early dinners aren't so bad. 

Beauty Tips:
1 Cucumber is not just great on your salad or on your eyes... natural cucumber soap on your body and face contains aloe vera to soothe and heal your skin. 

2 Get a lot of sleep each night...even taking naps is the best anti-aging remedies or practices out there. 

3 Sunscreen is the BEST anti-aging cream so put on 100spf baby moisturizing sunscreen under your complexion make-up everyday. 

4 Bach's Rescue Cream on face and neck at night 

5 if you are strapped for cash this summer remember the sun is the original natural highlighter. 

6 What is the finishing touch of any beauty rountine? a smile. never leave home without it.

7 Worry = Wrinkles. Therefore, Confidence + A Positive Attitude will keep you young at heart and looking young forever.

Fitness Tips:
1 Walking is GREAT exercise! Walking eight miles or for two to three hours burns ALOT of calories and your joints will thank you later. 

2 Exercising 30 minutes each morning will increase your energy and free up time in the afternoon! leave long walks or running for the weekend.

3 What is the best cure for sore muscles besides stretching before you exercise?More exercise, of course. 

Health Tips:
1 Did you know calcium helps to improve or speed up your metabolism?! A yogurt a day does help the pounds or lb's fade away.

2 Early to bed and early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy, wise AND thinner! Supposedly, it helps boosts your metabolism.