A Sophisticate and her Martini... Or Not?

Photo: exposedcouture.blogspot.com
"One reason I don't drink is that I want to know when I am having a good time" Lady Astor

There is no doubt that a Sophisticate is a social butterfly and the perfect hostess but does a Sophisticate drink martini's or not? For a Sophisticate in the Suburbs is a Mt. Julep hit the spot? What about drinking wine a very classy drink that is always had with a good meal at a nice restaurant? Or does a Sophisticate drink beer with the boys?

'Sex in the City' made cosmopolitan's famous but what is the drink of choice for a Sophisticate in the Suburbs? Being 'Sophisticated' in the 21st Century means being yourself and following your heart. True Sophistication in the 21st Century means having manners that existed centuries ago but also and more importantly, not being fake. So, as far as her drink of choice is whatever she wants it to be wherever she may be.

Of course, being that she has manners a Sophisticate always drinks with caution and never drinks so much that she embarrasses herself or blacks out. A Sophisticate is a lady and enjoys drinking socially but never to the point where she might endanger others or herself including her reputation. Why? Because a Sophisticate has respect for herself and for others.

In the end, it is who a Sophisticate is as a person not the type of drink she has that makes a drink popular and enjoyable! ;D!