A Sophisticate in a Sorority

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"Friends Change. Lovers Leave. Sisters are Eternal" Anonymous

In high school, I was a jock plain and simple. When I got to college I still exercised but I had no desire to go back into team sports. Rather, I decided to rush a Sorority. Although the military seemed like an honorable path, it was not for me.  My parents couldn't afford to pay for Brownies or Girl Scouts as a child so I never knew what it was like to be involved in an organization solely of girls or women. In the beginning, I joined a Sorority simply to have fun at college. In the end, what I got in return was ALOT more.

Being in a Sorority was alot of fun but while in a Sorority, I learned about loyalty, leadership, and more importantly the important value of friendship between women. My loyalty before being in a Sorority was to men. Between a fight between a boyfriend and a girlfriend, I was loyal to my boyfriend. Being in a Sorority helped me realize that when it comes to a boyfriend or your sister, choose your sister or the women in your life since most men come and go but sisterhood is forever. 

During my first week as part of a Sorority, all of the Sororities and Fraternities were asked to go to an auditorium to hear a speech about the benefits of being part of Greek life. That speech included a story about how to be a leader that I will never forget. The lesson of the story was about dwelling on other people's successes not failures. The story had to do with being there for someone when they made a mistake or failed but not pointing out those mistakes or bringing attention to those failures. Being part of a Sisterhood was ALOT like leadership since both had to do with supporting one another instead of judging them.

By being in a Sorority, I learned what it meant not to compete or judge those who were like me. What could be more Sophisticated in the 21st Century than the bond of Sisterhood between women that teaches leadership, loyalty, and most importantly friendship?

In the end, a Sorority is not about going to parties but rather about how to develop and have a close bond with women who will be your friends and sisters forever ;D!