A Sophisticate in the Summertime


"In the depths of winter I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer" Albert Camus

Summertime... Shorts, short-sleeved shirts, flip-flops, sandals, sunglasses,  the beach, ice cream, and most importantly, the feel of the sun. If you are lucky enough to live on the West Coast then you get to enjoy summertime all year long. If you live on the East Coast like me then you get to experience the joys of summertime for at least three to four months. 

The best part of the start of Spring for me is not wearing a coat and the best ending to Spring is getting a pedicure in preparation for the Summer. What is the best part of Summer for me?! It is the feeling of freedom when you put on your favorite short sleeved shirt or pair of shorts. And there is a wonderful feeling of sliding your beautifully pedicured toes into your flip flops that no other season can compare to unless you are sliding your feet into a pair of UGGS after a little bit of skiing during the winter. 

Years ago, a Sophisticate covered up during the Summer by wearing a white dress and carrying a parasol to protect her from the sun. Instead a Sophisticate can wear shorts, capri's, long shirts, short shirts, skirts of all kinds, sandals, 'peek-a-boo' toed heels basically, anything that makes her feel cool and fashionable. Instead of a parasol, today a Sophisticate puts on her favorite pair of fashionable sunglasses and  ALWAYS puts  sunscreen on her body and on her face. Even with sunscreen and her sunglasses there is nothing like the intense heat that makes a Sophisticate feel alive.

What is the best part of Summer? The outdoor activities that can extend from morning until nighttime, like carnivals, fairs, and amusement parks, being at the beach, and of course, swimming in the pool. There is nothing like the first time you jump into the pool or go to the beach and feel the hot sand between your toes.

What is the other best part of the Summer? The drinks and ice cold fruit and confections that you are allowed to enjoy to stay cool like, lemonade. The tangy and refreshing feeling as it hits your lips and quenches your thirst. Have you ever had lemonade in the Spring, Winter or Fall? Any type of lemonade seems to have been made just for the Summertime.

What about fresh watermelon? When you were so hot you couldn't take it anymore maybe, having fresh piece of watermelon was as good as having a drink. Remember on a hot day biting into a slice of watermelon? You felt the sweet juice throughout your mouth as it slid down your throat so easily. Neither tangy or bitter, watermelon was great especially as a kid because you didn't even need to chew since it was so soft that it seemed meant to slide down your throat with ease. Maybe, you felt the sweet juice drip outside of your mouth because you couldn't get a big enough bite.

Or what about ice cream? Have you ever ate an ice cream cone in the hot sun? You had to race to eat it before it dripped all over the place. For me, the ice cream always dripped everywhere including on my hands and arms. Yet, the messiness was what made by the ice cream fun to eat. After everything that was said and done the sugar from the ice cream was more like a magic elixir that rejuvenated me and left me with nothing but a smile on my face.

A Sophisticate loves the Summertime because of the freedom it allows her. Sophistication in the summertime is no longer hiding under a parasol but putting on her fashionable sunglasses, sliding on her flip flops, and eating an ice cream cone in the hot sun even though it may drip making a mess. The best part of Summertime for a Sophisticate is the freedom it allows her to be for three to four months or forever... the freedom to be herself ;D