A Sophisticate is a Team Player

I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion.” Mia Hamm

While I was growing up my mother told me that I could have it all when I grew up but not at the same time. Although, I will have plenty of opportunity to succeed in whatever career I chose and be successful, when I have children I may have to sacrifice my career for a little while so that I can take care of them. In the 21st Century and beyond women  will ALWAYS need to work as a team with another person to be able to succeed. Collaboration is the key to success and sometimes women don't work together to achieve a goal or support each other to achieve a goal (A Sophisticate Never Competes). 

Marriage is also a Team effort and couples need to help each other out in order to succeed including allowing one person over the other be in the spotlight or be successful for awhile.

While playing sports and being a part of a great team at work there is a exhilaration that cannot be descroibed in words. To be with a group of people who you support and who support you, who have the same ambition as you, who are enthusiastic as you are about what you are both hoping to accomplish it is a great feeling. There are also times when the same level of help occurs by all involved and that is most definitely a perfect formula for success. A Sophisticate is an individual, independent, and a leader but she also can't do it all alone. A Sophisticate is vulnerable but not helpless. All of the jobs and tasks that she expected to do she cannot rely on just her. Unfortunately, a woman cannot have it all at the same time without another person helping her or working together with someone to achieve her goals and she recognizes that fact.  

My college roommate once said "Life is tough enough and that is why life was meant to be lived two by two rather than alone". Working together does not mean that you are helpless but rather that you recognize that more can be done two by two, four by four, five by five, etc. rather than just by yourself. 

A Sophisticate is a cheerleader for her Team and other Teams or groups of people as well. She is the player that passes the ball to her teammate so that the other person can score. Her teammates also respect her enough to pass her the ball to score  BUT whoever her teammates are she works with them to build that respect and trust. 

As a Sophisticate continues to grow she becomes smart enough to pick the right teammates in her life so that the spotlight is shared. Even when working with people she may not initially work well with other but she makes the effort to get to know them. A Sophisticate seeks to understand. She uses her optimism and positive side to work with and focuses on the good in that person. 

Even if a Sophisticate happens to end up being the center of attention she ALWAYS allows for and includes others to shine with her. In the end, A Sophisticate is inclusive rather than exclusive. A Sophisticate knows and respects the talents and differences of each individual. She is objective and tries not to takes sides unless it is for a good friend, family member, or spouse.