A Sophisticate knows 'The Help'

"Ever morning, until you dead in the ground, you gone have to make this decision. You gone have to ask yourself, "Am I gone believe what them fools say about me today?" Kathryn Stockett Author of 'The Help"

In the first few pages Miss Skeeter one of the main characters asks "Do you ever wish you could... change things?" For me, that statement defines the rest of the book. There are three main characters and in the beginning they are three voices but as you read the book, the voices become one. The heart of the change is Aibleen, the voice of the change is Minny, and the hand of the change is Miss Skeeter. 

The story is set in 1962 before the Vietnam war and after the golden  age of America, the 1950's. The 1950's was a golden age for some but not everyone. Underneath the perfection that some suburban towns try to create existed an undercurrent of hatred and injustice by the few towards the many who were  trying to reduce the hatred of the present and help make a better tomorrow.  

When I read 'The Help' it because of the movie that was coming out. The result of reading the book was educational both historically and personally. This blog was the hardest for me to write because of the hatred I had for Miss Hilly's character. From the time I was three to the time I was 5 years old, my playmates were children from all around the world, grew up in a family who  cleaned houses to make money, and was taught by my parents to never judge another if they were other race or believed in another religion. As an adult and after reading this book, I realized that these were all gifts that I had been given. 

In the 21st Century, a Sophisticate knows not to discount anyone. She has worked at a job where she is on the very bottom. A job where she isn't paid a lot if not any more than minimum wage and never thanked or appreciated. From those experiences her eyes are opened and a Sophisticate learns the truth about people and their behavior. A Sophisticate knows that when you are at your lowest your eyes are open to what is most important.  

"They say it's like true love, good help. You only get one in a lifetime" Kathryn Stockett from the book 'The Help'

A Sophisticate knows that having help is like having love in your life. A Sophisticate stands up for what she believes and fights back. Like for love,  a Sophisticate would be willing to fight for those who she is willing to help and those who help her. A Sophisticate knows 'The Help' because a Sophisticate knows that help, support, and love are colorblind, universal, and worth fighting for to gain a better tomorrow ;D!