A Sophisticate Writes a Letter

In the 21st Century, there are assignments that include hand writing a letter and there are ‘Netiquette’ classes that teach etiquette when writing an e-mail.  Thereby, making the education on where to put the return address, the idea of a greeting, body, and closing of a letter obsolete. Or is it?! Can the lessons of writing a letter be now applied to an writing or typing an e-mail?

In elementary school, I remember hand writing book reports. My first computer class was in second grade where I used the big floppy disks for my Apple Computer to save my graphics slideshow set to music. I would listen as my mom would talk about the typing classes in High School and how fast she could type. On the rare occasion she would pull out her typewriter there was always a sense of dread knowing that I might have to use it one day. Luckily, when I was in sixth grade I got my first computer and now have a notebook of looseleaf paper that sits on my shelf and is only used when my mom comes to visit. 

Generations 'Y' and the 'igen' are the first generations since the invention of the printing press where the written word was utilized for social change to move society into industrialization and modernization. A Sophisticate knows there nothing sad about not knowing how to write a letter. She realizes that some activities are intuitive. Not knowing how to use a washing machine, it was simple enough for me to learn how to wash my clothes.  

In the 21st Century, a Sophisticate is unique and educated either by her own initiative or by going to school. A Sophisticate has manners and also utilizes the latest technology or the written word to her best advantage. She knows that in a world of e-mailing, "Facebooking", and "Tweeting" a written 'Thank you' may mean more to the person who a Sophisticate thinks deserves the note. 

In the end, when she wants to make an impact or show how much she really cares a Sophisticate writes a letter ;D!