A Sophisticated Man

"The best man for a job is a woman" Anonymous

Pictures are worth a thousand words. For each blog, my goal is to choose the best image that is going to represent my point or what I'm going to write about. The image is either explained in the blog or a symbol of the point I hope to make. For this blog, there were so many pictures I could have chosen to represent a 'Sophisticated Man' so, I choose the best man for the image, a woman.  I've chosen a picture of actress and Sophisticate Marlene Detrich dressed in what a 'Sophisticated Man' would be perceived as wearing, a tuxedo. 

Like a Sophisticated woman, the definition for a Sophisticated man in the 21st Century has changed. Although they may be a little different for each Sophisticated woman below are what I believe are common attributes for any Man to be considered Sophisticated. 

A Sophisticated man in the 21st Century is like a Sophisticated woman a person of substance. Just wearing nice clothes, making money, and opening doors or holding a chair will not immediately grant a man  Sophisticated status. The attributes that are most appealing in the 21st Century? Kindness, ambition, intelligence a.k.a. common sense, and most importantly a sense of humor. The ability to make a woman laugh not at the expense of others is charm and Sophistication exemplified.

"Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't" Margaret Thatcher

Some men believe that competing or trying to impress a girl will make an impact. Proving to a woman how smart he is or how great he is just makes him appear rude, inconsiderate, and ignorant. Women in the 21st Century grow up  sooner than ever before. is no stranger to tough times, struggle, and realism. Trying to impress her or worse yet, compete with a woman in anyway is overcompensate for something that she will know you don't have. A woman in the 21st Century has her own life, makes her own money, and doesn't need a man or any unkindness, competition, or drama in her life. 

"The world is full of guys. Be a man." from the movie 'Say Anything' (1988)

A Sophisticated man in the 21st Century treats a woman like an equal, listens to what she wants, and gives her the freedom she needs and wants. He is able to hold an intelligent conversation that doesn't sound like he is above her intellectually. Since a woman in the 21st Century lives in the world around her he can talk to her about that world. 

He is not a boy, nor is he a guy who tries to be or look cool.  He is a man who may be quiet in nature yet, you will always be able see in his resolve in what he says and what he does. He is a man who knows how to treat a lady and a woman since every Sophisticate is both. He is a man who would kill tigers for the woman he loves.

He is a man of character. The way a man treats children and animals speaks volumes about their character. Therefore, a Sophisticated man loves children and animals more importantly, they love him back. Also, the pet of a Sophisticated man is his best friend. Thereby, you know he is Sophisticated and will make the woman he loves a priority by observing how children and animals respond to him and how they respond back. Stay away from any man who is bitten by a dog or talks about harming an animal, he is not a Sophisticated man.

"Marry some sentimental hog or other with lots of money, and a thick pair of lips to kiss you with and a thick pair of boots to kick you with" from 'Pygmalion' by George Bernard Shaw

A Sophisticated Man in the 21st Century does not wear gloves, wear a top hat, or an expensive suit. He may be polite but in the 21st Century, it is the little things he remembers to do that make him classy. Like walking on the outside edge of the sidewalk as you walk on the inside, washing the dishes, or even making a joke just to see you smile. The most Sophisticated men protects the woman he loves even if it is to get her out the way of a passerby at Starbucks. 

There are many Sophisticated men and any TRUE Sophisticate or Sophisticated woman chooses to be with them. In the end, a Sophisticated man is a Sophisticated woman a.k.a. an equal. ;D!