A Sophisticate and her Trench

"A trench coat is the only thing that has kept its head above water"  Jack Lipman 

Living in the East Coast you are bound to run into cold weather therefore, certain times of the year require certain types of coats. Although, the West Coast is very fashionable they don't have the fun of having or buying up to three different coats a year for Spring, Fall, and Winter. 

Looking for coats became more and more enjoyable when I started making money. Being that my favorite seasons are Fall and Winter, I always wanted to make sure that I enjoyed what I wore. In college, Pea Coats were ALL the rage and of course, I had to have one. My parents laughed at me as they looked at my black J. Crew Pea Coat as they reminisced how it was in the sixities when the authentic Pea Coats were in style you know, the coats with the navy ensigna on the buttons?

A trench coat was designed to be worn in the rain but can be just as fashionable in the dry weather as well. Two years ago, I walked into Armani Exchange and fell in love. Looking at it, there was an instant connection. I regretted walking in the store because I knew i couldn't walk out without it regardless of the cost whatever to buy it. The buttons were medium sized, there was no belt, the buttons went across the chest military style, it had with pockets, but the definitive feature of the trench coat was the bottom that it flared out from the waist like a skirt. 

You can get all different colors for the Spring and the Fall. I had always had my heart set on finding the perfect pink trench coat for the Spring and the perfect white trench coat for the winter. In the Fall, although tan is fashionable I will hold on to my favorite black trench coat. One of the best features of a trench coat is that they NEVER go out of style. I've had mine for almost three years and I get compliments on it everywhere I go every time I wear it. No style trench is ever 'In' one year and 'Out' the next year. 

In the end, Sophistication in the 21st Century is about wearing anymore importantly being something that is classic and undeniably you. It is a Sophisticate that makes the trench coat she wears gorgeous. Like her trench, a Sophisticate is always in style year after year. ;D!