A Sophisticate is a Recessionista

"Hey hobo man; Hey Dapper Dan; You've both got your style; But Brother, You're never fully dressed without a smile!" from the Broadway Play  'Annie' (1977)

There is no doubt that a Sophisticate is a fashionista. Of course, the economy since the beginning of the 21st Century has gone from bad to worse. So what is a fashionista or a 'Recessionista' to do? According to UrbanDictionary.com a 'Recessionista' is "a person who is able to stick to a tight budget while still managing to dress stylishly". 

Shopping for items that are sale is always fun and during a recession shopping for items on sale is fun in numbers. No longer is a fashionista focused on a label for a particular brand but is focused on the label meaning the price tag. Anyone can look great for less regardless of their economic situation. Even if you are wearing second hand clothing, it is not the clothing that makes a Sophisticate, Sophisticated. A Sophisticate's inner beauty makes anything she wears on the outside Sophisticated no matter how much it cost.

Something that is very fashionable right now are Recessionista parties. Recessionista parties are where fashionable clothes are brought to your home and where food is optional but fun is not. A Sophisticate clips coupons with her pink scissors and keeps her coupons in a cute little pink organizer. 

As far as gas, if she is single a Sophisticate during a Recession may decide to trade in her SUV for a Hybrid. Her decisions do not make her less fashionable  just a lot smarter. Of course, although she may be looking for sales at the store, paying off her credit cards, and choosing a Hybrid over another more fashionable car she never forfeits quality or style. 

The golden rule of any Sophisticate during a Recession is that she shops smarter and longer if it helps her find an equally nice items for less. 

In the end, a Sophisticate is a 'Recessionista' because she knows its not about what she wears but more importantly, how she wears the reasonably priced clothes she decides to buy. In the end, for a Sophisticate regardless of how low the price tag may be because of who she is, will always be considered priceless. ;D!