A Sophisticate Remembers 9/11

"Defeat is Victory. Death is Life" Robert Fisk

My Senior year of college I lived around the corner from a small cemetery. On the headstones you can just make out names and the year they died. What amazed me was that the graves were from the late 1600's and early 1700's. A person could reasonably assume they were people who had probably first settled in the area. When I had first discovered these graves my first response was to look around where the graves stood. 

What those people saw and what I was seeing in front of me was probably was vastly different.The people who died in that cemetery lived in a wilderness. They battled the woods, the weather, and did the best they could to build a shelter not just to live but merely to survive. 

September 11, 2001 was  the day the 21st Century began. On that day everything changed. The story that stuck with me the most was a man who on a plane headed towards one of the Towers who called his Dad to let him know that he loved him and that he would die quickly with no pain. We went being a nation that once felt protected from the rest of the World to a place where we now had to face the fact that we are no longer invincible. 9/11 was the day our nation learned how to be afraid. The towers crumbled and  so did our hope, our sense of security, and our position as the World Superpower.  

Those who died during the events of 9/11 were no different than the people who fought, died, and worked to give us the freedom our nation has enjoyed for over two hundred years. The terrorists did not destroy us rather provided us with insight, anger, purpose, and more importantly, a reason to live for a better tomorrow. 

Like a Phoenix, I know that the years after 9/11 were merely a transition for the United States to rise greater and more powerful than ever before. The Towers that will replace the Twin Towers have been named the Freedom Towers. Appropriately named, they will rise like the United States shining a beacon to those who appreciate the freedom that was gained through the efforts of the founding fathers and all those who built this country with their blood, sweat, and unfortunately, their tears.

The Twin Towers may have marked the start of a Century full of challenges but along with the rise of the Freedom Tower so will we rise. From our ancestors ashes we will rise from their deaths. The people who died on 9/11 will never be forgotten. In the end, the 10th anniversary of those who have died will mark the re-building of and rise of the United States, our hope, and our greatness. The torch of the Statue of Liberty will light our path and the American Eagle will rise from the ashes with such a fire that will be lit for the entire world to see... just wait ;D!