Kitty Sophisticate

In 2010, I adopted a cat named Chloe. Before I adopted Chloe, I was not what you would call an animal person. The only pet I ever owned or had taken care of growing up was a fish named Clair and after living alone I was very particular about any animal or person living in my house or more importantly, ruining my furniture. I was especially not fond of cats. With their claws I could only imagine the damage that would be done to my nice furniture. Even after babysitting my friends cat's I was still very cautious and very nervous around them.

In January, a friend had rescued a cat who had lived with a family with two little boys, another cat, and a dog. When they moved Chloe was the one who was abandoned. I wouldn't take her home unless we bonded and of course, as soon as she showed me her cute belly, I was immediately hooked. I'll never understand what it was about me that she liked so much. I believe her and I were meant to be together. Eventually, I knew we had to be together on our outfit coordination as well and as any TRUE Sophisticate would do, I went shopping.

Although the pet care industry is enormous and continues to grow each year, when shopping for her it seemed to me that the selection for a cat did not compare to the selection for a dog. So, what is a stylish Sophisticate with a cat to do? The fact that cat's were denied specialized items hit home when I went on the Tiffany's web site. There were collars and tags for dogs but none for a cat. Wasn't 'Cat' made famous by Audrey Hepburn in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'? Even with Martha Stewart's new line of pet accessories, the items are very limited.

Based off the blog 'Sophisticate in the Suburbs' comes 'Kitty Sophisticate'. 'Kitty Sophisticate' is a brand that provided tips and techniques as well as  a line of 'Kitty Couture' for those who understand the deep attachment I have with my 'Miss Chloe'. 

For all of you 'Sophisticated' pet owners who would like to know or have the latest information on the places and things that are the best for your cat, or who would like to have fashionable clothing, and be able to decorate your carrier to coordinate with your cat's unique and special personality,  there will be 'Kitty Sophisticate'.  Kitty Sophisticate' is one more way to make your cat on the outside more stylish and 'Sophisticated' than ever before! ;D!