A Sophisticate in NYC

"They say life's what happens when you're busy making other plans. But sometimes in New York, life is what happens when you're waiting for a table" Sarah Jessica Parker

There is no other place like New York City. As soon as you arrive your senses come alive. The smell of roasted nuts and dirty water dogs a.k.a. hot dogs. You become acutely aware of what or who is around you, behind you, and what is in front of you. There is an energy and pace that excites and that eventually drains. You are never alone even if you are by yourself.

There is one characteristic that all New Yorkers share and that is walking with a purpose. Any person born or raised in New York while walking around the City has a purpose a destination. Like trails in a park, the people who walk know that you always stay inside or closest to the stores and restaurants otherwise, you will get run down.

A native New Yorker can tell the students from the tourists from those who live there. The people who live there walk around the crowded streets as if they were strolling in the middle of nature. Tourists walk around with maps or just walk around in circles. They glance up at the architecture  and the skyscrapers as if they were mountains  ready to climb. 

When a Sophisticate goes to New York City for the day in the Fall she wears: ballet flats, skinny jeans, and her cutest sweater with scarf. Depending on the season items are either added or eliminated. Her stylish but affordable pocketbook close to her shoulder. She does not use cash but rather her credit card since the opportunity of crowds provide ample opportunity for pickpockets who are everywhere. 

Unless she is at the children's petting zoo at Central Park Zoo, she does not feed pigeons a.k.a. rats with wings that fly around restaurants with outdoor seating. Another important tip, when crossing the street she uses light signals as guidelines. You don't have to wait until the light has turned green until she crosses the street. In fact, if she does that is an easily identifiable tell tale sign she is a tourist and therefore, a target for pickpockets. Beyond walking with a map, other rules apply, like don't stare at people too long and no pointing. 

When taking a taxi, know where you want to go and how long it should take you. Why? Without focus, a taxi driver will ALWAYS go the long route to earn more money on the route.  Finally, visit your favorite store because it will always be ten times bigger than what you are used to and that applies to any sit down restaurant.

With confidence, attitude, purpose, and street smarts a Sophisticate ALWAYS takes a bite out of New York City a.k.a. the Big Apple.