Trick or Treat?

"Eat, drink, and be scary" Author Unknown

Halloween is now the second biggest holiday of the year behind Christmas. Adults and children alike get into the 'Spirit' of Halloween but what about their pets? Some people have children and/or pets so, do you include your pet in the festivities of dressing up in a costume? What about a cat? Most people dress up their dogs but can you dress up your cat? YES! 

I had taken my Chloe to Dogma a dog AND cat spa in Wayne, PA. While there, I saw a small dog ballerina costume. Most small dogs are the size of a regular sized cat. Sometimes a cat can be bigger but if a cat is around eight pounds, a cat is the same size as a small dog. So, I decided to risk it and see if it would fit her for Halloween. In the end, most people were and still were surprised I got the costume on her.

How did I get the costume on her? What are a few ideas for you to put a costume on your 'Kitty Sophisticate'? Before I put the costume on her I let her sniff and mark it. Then, I gave her two treats. Her costume was quickly placed around her head. Unfortunately, before I put her last paw through the sleeve she started growling. So, I gently forced her last paw through and gave her two to three more treats. I made sure to have my camera and  treats close to her. Then, every 5 to 10 minutes I would give her two treats until she was comfortable. By the third picture she was loving the outfit. 

Obviously, cats are not used to wearing clothing because their fur against clothing is probably very uncomfortable. I'm proud to say that she wore the outfit for another 10 to 15 minutes and then she was able to take it off herself when she was ready.

Halloween and dressing up animals especially cats is about positive reinforcement without going overboard. The trick was the treats. When putting on a Halloween costume for a cat you need to have the outfit all ready to roll up for ease of slipping it over her head at a moments notice.

In the end, the trick to helping your cat or pet get on a very cute, memorable, costume is the treat. For a Sophisticate, the trick of putting a Halloween costume on her pet is a treat that she will remember and have in her heart forever! ;D!