The Vet and your Pet
"If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals better off than a lot of humans" James Herriot 

When you are a new pet owner pet,there is a sense of responsibility for another living thing thrown upon you. For me, who never had to take care of a younger brother or sister, or anything for that matter, beyond myself the responsibility seemed enormous and scary since I couldn't even keep my bamboo plant alive (sad, i know). Beyond the basic needs that an animal requires the sense of REAL fear is doubled when you realize you have to go to a Veterinarian to make sure your new pet has their yearly shots or you realize your pet is sick.

Having a child is a much bigger responsibility yet, someone with limited experience with babies or children (like myself)would still have a small familiarization of  the shots or vaccines that are necessary. With a baby or child, you notice right away when they are sick, their behavior, their screams, or they will tell you 'Mommy I'm not feeling well' You also have certain items at your disposal such as a baby thermometer. 

When I first adopted Chloe I had no idea they had those types of items available for pets. Petsmart? What was that? Chloe was abandoned therefore, the animal shelter did a lot for free unfortunately, they couldn't do everything or follow-up. When I first heard I  had to find a Veterinarian and get certain tests and medications, I began to panic. Could I handle this? Would I be able to give her the medication she might needed? (cats are especially finicky about medication). How was I going to pick a Vet? Should I pick a Vet based on word of mouth? location? or based on online reviews? Was there a Veterinarian that specialized in cats? 

A Sophisticate is calm under pressure. She is confident enough to know that she can handle anything. A Sophisticate cares about people and animals alike. She understands the value of her pet giving her the unconditional love and loyalty they are known to give. In my case, there seemed to be no one to turn to for cat care since there are more Veterinarians familiar with dogs. Sadly, I went to a Veterinarian for a year before I realized that they could take care of Chloe when she was well but knew nothing except who to refer me to when it came to her illness.

From the beginning a Sophisticate researches as many Veterinarians as possible. If she has time she schedules an appointment with the Veterinarian of choice to discuss her pet BEFORE the first actual appointment. At that point, if a Sophisticate senses that won't give them the best care, it's on to the next one. Finally, if other people thought their Veterinarian did a good job with the care of their pets then a Sophisticate has a good idea how and if they will care for your pet. 

The point about a Veterinarian is that a good one should: 
1 - Be close to where you live
2 - Have convenient hours
3 - Not sell you unnecessary medications
4-  Be able to answer ALL of your questions 
5-  Talk to you before they perform surgery and allow you to be part in every decision

Your Veterinarian should ask you questions about food, lifestyle, and your future planned activities for your pet.  For example, if you have a cat they should ask 'Are you planning on taking your cat outside for any length of time?' If not, flea and tick medication may not be necessary per the discretion of the Sophisticated pet owner. Remember, for those people who own cats, any smart Veterinarian will tell you heart worms are more common in canines rather than felines.

The most important aspect of a good Veterinarian is the communication and relationship that they have with the Pet Owner. A Veterinarian should not tell rather they should discuss and explain what is best for the Pet.  

In the end, you might have to go to several Veterinarian's before you find the right and  most convenient one for you and your pet. Your pet is the most prized possession and best friend of a Sophisticate. In the end, a good Vet should understand the special relationship between a Sophisticate her Pet ;D!