Sophisticated Random Acts of Kindness
"Don't think of it as charity, think of it as a gift from one friend to another... I'm your friend" from the Disney movie 'Pollyanna' (1960) 

From the first decade of the 21st Century, to the second starting in 2011, the economy has gone from bad to worse. Therefore, new rules apply. At a time when selfishness may be at it's height based on everyone wanting to protect and save all they have, a Sophisticate distinguishes herself by giving instead of receiving. Of course, that is easier said then done since she may be on budget herself. Therefore, there are small random acts of kindness a Sophisticate could do that could mean a great deal to other people. Here are SMALL non-expensive ways a Sophisticate can make a BIG difference:

One is Better than Two:
Forget the phrase 'Two is Better than One'. In the 21st Century, there is a difference between having nice things and having two of the same nice things. If you have two of the same items that you don't NEED then give the second item to the first person who compliments you. 

Warm Cup of Coffee
When you have a car, you take for granted the fact that you can put on the heat when it starts to get cold out. Some people have  to stand in the cold and rain waiting for the bus. One day when it is cold outside, go to McDonald's and buy four or five cups of coffee. Then, give it to the people waiting at the nearest bus stop. For whatever the cost of the coffee, it is a kind gesture to people whose appreciation will be priceless. 

Do you have a song that your friend doesn't have? Do you have an album of an artist that you downloaded that is your friends favorite? Send them an e-mail with a few songs or an album? How much does it cost to make someone's day? Music is the language of the soul so why not share it with your soulmate's? And yes, I believe that a Sophisticate doesn't just have one soulmate in her life. You have them in your friends. ;D!

Even if you overtip by a dollar, you are helping yourself. Being a waiter or waitress is a thankless job and tips are a way to say 'Thank you'.  To provide your server 20% instead of 10%, they are able to spend a little more as well. Generating income for the few allows income to get bigger for the many.

We all know that re-heating food on the second day from a restaurant is NEVER tastes as good as when you first have it. If you are at a restaurant and you have leftovers, wrap it up, and give it to the next homeless person you see. Food is better than money and  the thankfulness in another person's eyes is definitely worth more than the horrible, unfulfilling, and disappointing taste you will have in your mouth from the leftovers.

Salvation Army
When you have decent furniture that you are looking to get rid of, don't sell it and don't hire 1-800-JUNK. Rather, call the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army will come pick it up for FREE, they will give you a receipt that will provide you with a tax deductible, and some lucky person or family will receive furniture that they need to live. 

Coupons, Pass it On
Bed, Bath, and Beyond are generous in their coupons.  So generous, that people can collect over 20 or more coupons that instead of yielding savings the coupons just yield more dust. Therefore, after a certain period of time or for every two or three coupons you use, pass the coupons to the people behind you on the line. The coupons won't go to waste and until Bed, Bath, and Beyond goes out of business they will accumulate just as fast as the first time This could also apply to regular flyer coupons you don't use. ;D!

Magazines, Books, and DVDs... oh my!
Do you have Magazines or Books or DVDs lying around not being used that you will never be interested in picking up or watching again? Give them to friends or to the Library (donations for tax reimbursement). Your trash may be someone else's treasure!

On the road again...
When you are on the road you may simply want to get to your destination as fast as you can, and that is fine. Every so often when you see someone trying to get into your lane, let them in. You may not see a 'Thank you' wave but that is a small act of kindness that doesn't cost you anything but helping a fellow traveler.

Smile/Thank you
A smile will brighten someone's day and let them know that there is still joy in this world. A thank you is a small and meaningful way to show how grateful you are and how much you appreciate someone, even a stranger. Besides, a smile and saying 'Thank you' doesn't cost you anything ;D!