A Sophisticate, her Pet, and the Holidays

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened" Anatole France 

Two years ago this January, I received the best present of them all, my first pet. Although, she was not given to me for Christmas my 'Miss Chloe' was the best gift under the Christmas tree last year. 

Not only did I appreciate having a pet for the first time but I went through the horrible experience of losing her. Imagine discovering love and then losing it? After I got her back, I wanted to make sure to show her how much I appreciated and loved her in my life. It was  important to me to make the VERY most out of getting a second chance with someone I loved and who loved me unconditionally. There was no better time to show my affection or to enjoy her company than on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Just as I discovered the enormous amount of pet care products and toys made available for dogs and cats, I discovered the enormous selection of holidays toys available for dogs and cats as well. I was AMAZED at what was available to pets during the Holiday season.  You can dress your pet up in a santa outfit and have their picture taken with Santa Claus. You can buy ornaments that look like your pet, stockings filled with sparkly toys for your pet, stuffed animals and a Christmas stocking that looks like them for them to snuggle and play with for hours.

For me, I don't have any children of my own to spoil. Therefore, my 'Miss Chloe' is who I can spoil and dote upon. No one told me about or could help me understand the depth of the unconditional love, bonding, and friendship that exists when you have a pet. Even though I have not seen any chewable dog bone Menorahs or squeaker dreidals yet, no matter what the holiday you may celebrate, I can understand and appreciate the importance of giving gifts to the pets we love. 

Unfortunately, the holiday season can be racked with dangers for pets especially, if you celebrate Christmas. Glass ornaments dangling from the tree, the water beneath the tree that may be tempting to a thirsty pet, tinsel, and the Poinsettia plants that create a deadly hazards for pets, in particular cats. That doesn't mean that no one who owns a dog or a cat doesn't have at least one or two stories that involve their cats attacking the tree or dogs running off with decorations. That mayhem is part of the charm of having a pet. We all know that those are the stories that will be remembered and cherished most when they are gone.

As a Sophisticate and her pet celebrate the holidays, the gifts that are REALLY given are nothing compared to the priceless gift of unconditional love. In the end, whether it be the holidays or not, the relationship and time a Sophisticate spends with her pet is truly a gift in itself.