Facebook Dating Etiquette

Dating and relationships are typically free from drama and there are no problems with communication. Therefore, with the addition of Facebook to the dating scene additional problems have been added. So, here based on experience, below are a few Facebook dating online etiquette tips:

Golden Rule: Never assume anything! Facebook is a communication vehicle to keep in touch with friends and good friends both long distance and down the block. It could be the jumping off point to a relationship BUT it is still not a substitute for who you are and what you want. Remember, it is only a reflection of you but still not a substitute for the real fabulous you!

Add as a Friend Unless you were 'friends' before, don't add someone as a friend before a first date. Until you have talked about and established whether you are friends, dating and/or seeing each other don't 'friend' each other. In both cases, the date or relationship may go so badly you might end up losing the friend you just added

'In a Relationship' or Not? Establish on your profile if you are looking for 'Friendship', 'Networking', etc. Make sure that the guy who is e-mailing you is not 'In a relationship' or 'Engaged' or 'Married' to someone else. WARNING: Some men won't post this information or pictures of them with their significant other

Avoid stalkers Don't 'Add a Friend' because they are cute or because you share a friend. If you don't know them and they are look to 'Date' and you are only looking for 'Friendship' an e-mail message with an introduction or a 'hello' is important. There are safer mechanisms and vehicles for meeting new people including friend introductions, parties, match.com, e-harmony, and plenty of fish, just to name a few!

Photos posted are fair game It is up to your 'potential' or 'better half' to be truthful before the photos are posted or tagged

Friends on Facebook DO NOT a relationship make! Before you assume you are seeing each other, look at the relationship status. If the relationship status says 'In a Relationship' and your name is not 'connected' then you are probably not in a relationship. Beware of your significant other or boyfriend not telling everyone that you are 'In a relationship'. Why shouldn't a man shout it from the rooftops if he wants to be with you?

Calling IF you are 'Friends', you are interested in them, you would like to talk to them, and their phone number is posted, send them a message asking whether it would be okay to call them. If they say it is okay to call them, do so. If not, don't!