A Sophisticate on Love: Personal Experience

Me at age 16
I fell in love when I was eight years old. I met Bobby, the son of my mom's good friend  and from that moment I couldn't and didn't want to be without him.

Bobby was my best friend. He taught me about men.  He taught me what gentleman should do and how they should behave. He would always say that I would never figure men out because they will always do something that I would never expect or could ever anticipate. 

He was there for me through all my relationships and hardships from elementary school to Junior year of high school. When we were 14, he had a cancer scare and when I came back from Nashville with my parents on a visit he told me he told me how he felt about me. At 14, I knew if I kissed him I knew I would marry him and at that moment I could realistically see myself getting married to him. The strong feelings that I had for him scared me and I pushed him away emotionally. That didn't stop us getting back together after we went on a double date. By the time we were 16, we acted and talked to each other like we were brother and sister and for that reason, I thought we would never work out.  Yet, the attraction I had for him stayed and was becoming stronger since he was losing weight, exercising, and dressing better.

After my mother and her friend stopped talking I never saw him again.

Before I moved to Nashville with my parents, I had my first kiss was with another boy who I had a crush on.  It was nerve racking and exciting. After my first kiss I felt as if I accomplished something and I guess, that was because there wasn't any emotional attachment. My first serious boyfriend was in high school (see picture) and it was a fun, innocent, and wonderful high school romance.

After Robert, the boy I was best friends with was never the same boy I dated. Yet, I hoped that my soulmate would be my best friend. Since high school have all of my bad dates and bad dating experiences since high school mean that with Robert I lost my chance of finding my soul mate forever? I believe my years of bad dating experiences were so that I can help others realize when they are in the wrong relationship and not make the same mistakes.

Will be single forever? If so, I'm very happy being single. As an adult,  if I am lucky enough to experience what I did with Robert, then I would consider it a blessing. In the end, I know about true love because I know I still have yet to experience it.