Sophisticated Dating Stage #1: Brief Encounter
"You don't look at someone for the first time and say, look at those morals. Seriously, check out those values. Nice priorities" Sophisticate in the Suburbs

You walk into Starbucks and see him. You smile; You have been talking on-line. You notice him from across the room as you walk into the restaurant; You're on the train and see someone you know; You have seen him around work. You talk to him; You are out at a bar with your girlfriends. You feel a tap on your shoulder; Someone walks into class and you realize that you've never seen him before; He is your best friend. You kiss.

In almost every romantic comedy, you can pick out the couple who will end up together within the first five minutes of the movie. How? They are the ones fighting. Sexual tension. We have all felt it. We have all experienced it. How many of us can truly deny it? How many of us can deny it for too long?

Attraction happens instantaneously, over a period of time, or never. Being attracted to someone is exciting and it happens without warning. Attraction can happen either from talking to someone or just looking at them. Attraction can lead to obsession, to passion, and it can also lead to love. Studies have shown that we unconsciously seek likely and sound mates in order to procreate our species with healthy, hardy offspring. We are swayed by the 'smell' of pheromones and we subconsciously choose mates for their reproductive potential.

I grew up with stories of how my great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother met the love of their life. Hearing these stories again and again I would day dream how my own love story would begin...

My great-grandmother's story: My great-grandmother lived above a butcher shop. One day she slipped and fell on the stairs. A man who worked in the butcher shop found her at the bottom of the stairs, picked her up, and carried her back to her room.

My grandmother's story: My grandmother was sent to the butcher shop  down the street by her mother. My grandfather  would take her order. The first time he saw her there were birds singing. From then on, he did whatever it took to keep her in his life. 

My mother's story: My mother had a crush on my dad for four years. After two serious relationships, my dad decided to ask my mom out. When my dad proposed to my mom he didn't have any money. He sold all of the history books that he loved reading growing up to buy her engagement ring.

I've heard some GREAT stories. So much so, I could probably write a book just on that topic. After about six years of asking people how they met their spouse, the consensus was that it was through a mutual friend.

Brief encounters are just that... brief. Either way, they lead to something more or absolute nothing. Like falling in love, it is as simple and as hard as that ;D!