The Twelve Stages of Sophisticated Dating
"Dating is like any natural disaster, it would be easier to deal with if you knew when it would end."

Growing up, one of my minor hobbies was being a relationship anthropologist. I was fascinated with relationships, what made them work and what made them not work. Watching my aunts and uncles get married and get divorced, talking with people who were married while on travel or on vacation, and dating for the past 10 years or so, I've gathered a few observations about love and relationships.

The one important lesson I learned when I went into business was to keep the end in mind. The same rule applies to dating. The most important factor in finding someone you love is knowing who you are. No matter the lists or criteria you have, for knowing who and what you want, it goes out the window when you discover the one who you care for the most. 

You've heard of the twelve days of Christmas, based on my observations about dating and relationships from now on I'll be organizing my blogs based on the twelve Sophisticated stages of dating:

In the end, from what I've learned there are only three stages for true love: Stage 1: Brief encounter Stage 2: Good Friends and finally, Stage 3: Can't Live Without Each Other ;D!