A Sophisticate has a Hangover

"There's a pounding in my head; Glitter all over the room; Pink flamingos in the pool; I smell like a minibar; DJ's passed out in the yard; Barbies on the barbecue; Is this a hickey or a bruise?" from the song 'Last Friday Night' by Katy Perry

You wake up with a pounding headache, dry mouth, and your stomach feels funny. The night before you had a only a few drinks... that you can remember. You felt on top of the world so different then you feel in the morning.

My uncle used to tell me to keep a glass of water, alka- seltzer, and advil near my bed at night. He would tell me, after drinking before you go to bed have the alka-seltzer in water and take two advil. He told me that I may not feel like doing it but it will make you feel better in the morning. He was right. Of course, if I forgot and had a bad hangover it would keep me from drinking too much again. 

A Sophisticate works hard and plays hard. At least once in her life, she parties a little more than usual. She drinks a glass or two more then would be appropriate in polite society. Without judgment, she allows herself to drink to her heart's content with no fear to the consequences and have as much fun as she possibly can with her friends. Is that wrong? No. Life is all about balance and if only done on rare occasions she can be viewed as fun to be with and still in control. 

Years ago, women weren't free to have fun or drink to their heart's content. To drink and have that experience of having a hangover, is a privilege, a luxury. Every once in awhile, to enjoy life as much as you want, to have as much fun as you want, and have as much fun as you feel like having is sophistication in the 21st Century ;D!